I've Seen Them Since I Was A Kid

They were always part of my life. Theres nothing sad or scary about them mostly they just are there. I did run into something evil in the middle of the woods when i was around 13 but i'm pretty sure that wasn't a ghost, I got the impression it was never human. My Mom stays with me alot I think, it's either that or a polterguiest, she seems to come when im emotional. I've seen lots of others but it would be too hard to list, honestly theyve just always been around.
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4 Responses May 4, 2012

She seems like a pretty strong spirit. Is there a history with your place or are they there for you?

I see them too. I have this little girl in my house, she is always skipping everywhere she goes. She have shoulder length blond hair, she wares a blue dress with a white ribbon around her middle. She is barefoot and smiles at me all the time. Then I have this guy also, he just stays in the passageway. I can't comunicate with them, but I do see them and they know I can see them.

I guess I just get the feeling that they have lived before and are as confused as any of us, I'm not christain so I don't think in angels and demons but I have run into one that was not confused but along with that it had a sense of malice

Just curious....how do you know they are ghosts and not guardian angels?