My Life Becans Here

It was in November or December, I heard littel girl voice in my room. And she ask for me: Do you want tea. Nobody wasnt in the room, I did not see anyone, but I felt that someone was standing beside me. After that i hear voices and i feel them when they are in room or tehy are looking me. I feel they feelings are they sad or angry.

One day happend whit me something weird, i dont know how it happend. My soul was leaving in body and someone else soul was going into my body, i dont remember anythin. My friends was telling me that i was calling them but i dont remember. It's weird becase when my soul was back to my body i was crying on my bed. it's like i'm going crazy and some people think i'm crazy. They think i need help. I don't think like that, only one's who needs help are the soul's.
maaniatamtrue maaniatamtrue
18-21, F
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you have to try and see your doctor

Help my soul!