Boyfriend Sees Spiritsas

I have known best friend for almost ten years now.  He has always seen spirits from time to time but recently in the last two years or so, he continues to see a spirit or dark form / presence in our town house.  Normally its just moving down the stairs from the third floor to the second floor and thats it. Lately though it seems to want to communicate with my friend.  My friend has heard a male voice but not able to figure out what its saying.

my concern is not that he doesnt see or hear things my concern is my friend is a total novice at this and i want him to seek out people who have more experience on what to do and what not to do...he has recently described the presence as more luring...i assume it wants to talk and isnt getn the reaction it wants...but how do you know if it has a less than positive goal in mind?

Anyone know of "professionals' who could give him some advice / help, please let us beach va

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I am a paranormal investigator. But more than that I have a lot of personal experience with spirits.<br />
I hear worry and fear in your post. But I want to assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of. <br />
There is a lot of misinformation out there about spirits being evil or demons. However, spirits are usually NOT evil, they were simply once human beings. human beings come in all shapes and types and levels of kindness. Spirits are no different. <br />
Your comment that the spirit is more "luring" is interesting. If you look at this from a fear perspective you can imagine all kinds of horrible right?<br />
But how would you behave if the only person you could communicate with was unable to understand what you were trying to say. What gestures would you use and what lengths would you go to to make yourself known?<br />
I strongly suggest that he starts from a place of peace and put fear aside. Fear begets fear and those who are afraid often respond with violence. <br />
Take some time to look up white light protection. It is a method of surrounding yourself with divine protective light. Have him practice this.<br />
I think it will help him feel more in control.<br />
But that is the other point I want to make - he IS in control. Absolute control. Fear comes from feeling out of control - and guess what happens when you give your control and power away? Thats right, you invite someone else to take control and power from you. <br />
So start with the knowledge that he (and you!) have the power and control. BELIEVE IT.<br />
Inner peace is essential. Belief in yourself in this work is paramount.<br />
I think that once your friend accepts his control and power and puts aside his fear he will find communicating with the spirit easier. You may find that the spirit has lost his way or feels that something is keeping him tied to the earth.<br />
Assure the spirit that he is free to leave. Suggest that he look for the light and to go to the light with the knowledge that he is safe and loved.<br />
This simple method is very effective - but again, to be the most effective you have to put aside fear and understand that you have the control.<br />
If the spirit does not go to the light remember that the spirit is in your domain and COMMAND the spirit leave. You may have to do this several times. <br />
Also, there is another alternative - accept the spirits presence and embrace it for the protection it offers your home. Suggest that you co-habitate. the choice is yours and your friends.