Which Is Why

I never wear underwear.

It wasn't bad then they broke in and took them from my dresser.  I liked it when the took them from the clothes hamper because that meant less laundry.

But when they started on pulling off my sleeping body that was enough!  You never know where those beards have been.

So I burned all my underwear and danced naked in a parking lot to scare them away.  I think it worked.


passionateactorxox passionateactorxox
31-35, M
4 Responses Dec 17, 2009

and we thought South Park was only a cartoon NOT a documentary!

I HATE those underwear gnomes! Didn't know that they actually existed until that episode of South Park! After watching that, many questions were answered!

Funny? Funny! Have you woke up with little gray hairs where there should be no little gray hairs?<br />
Have you had nobby feet run up your naked chest, put a foot in your face and run away with your boxers flowing behind?<br />
Fortunately my cat got one. I didn't keep the underwear though. Too many bad images in my head.

HAHAHAHA! You're Damn Kewl ! ;) So Funny !