Yes!!! Even Devil Has A Soft Heart

Every single person on earth wish and dream of love, unfulfilment of which lead to anger and destructive behaviour....

So if you feel you met some one bad...!

Try to be kind .....

You never know when your love will change his or her life...
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I agree, but some one asked Jesus once that how many times a person should forgive.<br />
God said :<br />
Seventy times Seven.<br />
So did u forgive the person, this many times???<br />
If yes than for sure you can take the last action as you said.!<br />
But I agree with you that one must not be bothered but yes one must not keep grudges for others as well.

Yes I believe in forgiving but not forgetting ;) and how many times must you forgive? when forgiving the same person over and over to the the point that it becomes almost... lets say a tradition lol then why even bother. I'm not saying that no one deserves a second chance but some people out there are just toxic and the best way to deal with those people is to shut them out of you're life and make room for people who are worth you're time.

But as a human being, we must forgive others for their mistake.

I believe in treating everyone with respect but if they don't give it back then why waste you're time with them. Maybe some people act a certain way because in the past they were deceive but if you are at a certain age and let other people's negative action towards you change you in a negative way then you have a very weak character and have learned nothing.<br />
<br />
I myself use to think that there was good in everyone but the truth is there are people out there who get off lying and deceiving others so no not everyone has a good side some people are just plain evil, and if the devil had a soft heart then he wouldn't be the devil ;)

Yes they do,<br />
As long as you know how to attract the guy....<br />
every guy has his own feelings,desires

Every girl likes a bad boy - but does every boy like a bad girl?

Very true,<br />
<br />
Because no body is born with hard feelings.Life make it tough.

I agree :) it's a very wise thought... when i meet with the malicious person, first of all I try to understand why he/she is such. and I think that kindness can help everyone ;)

I dont mind...! to offer..! but it depends on ... how much do you want..?


Are you offering - and is that six pack for real!

Indeed!<br />
<br />
Every one is human after all...<br />
<br />
<br />
I think people are not bad....<br />
<br />
Situations make them...

wow that is very true! you just never know!