It was a beautiful morning!

The sunset really made my perception that I have to do things sound good.
I was wandered why lot of people so busy?
Is there any matters to do with?

I am a kind of woman that has many questions in life.
Yet! it leads me to gain a sort of knowledge and soon it would be bigger.


While I was walking across the street, I saw an older woman who can't pass the street due to the reason that her feet can step,but just a slow not like the other people who been passed the way. I felt pity for the old woman,cause I found that she was trying too but it didn't worked. It was really delicate for her cause lot of cars passed so fast. I helped her to pass the crossing street cause I am pretty sure that she couldn't do it.. I love to help others cause I knew that everyone deserves it. SEE GOOD in EVERYONE :)
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Jan 12, 2013