Men, Women, And Children

How has it failed us?

Feminism has failed us by creating homogeneous hermaphrodites of men and women.

If anyone pays attention to what is real news, such as hurricane katrina, greek bank runs, quantitative easing, great depression etc, etc, one will realize things will get bad sooner or later: What then? One parent households, both out of work; people running amok taking what they want from those who have no clue how to take care of themselves.

Feminism is based on a paradigm that requires larger and stronger government funding and oversight: What happens when the government is too busy such as in katrina? People sat about waiting to be saved: Yet, these were people who were 'independent' and didn't need help. So they thought.

Women hold up in there homes scared to leave and out of water thinking the government should have done more.

Men and women need one another in good times and bad, But Especially women need men in the bad not the other way around. In those bad times a man needs a real woman not a feminist hermaphrodite who is always nit picking and criticizing every move he makes.

This man has stated: When things get bad, and they will, what will these 'independent' women do then?

Current social structure is the only thing which allows feminism to flourish and when it is gone then what? There is no such thing as independence in this world!

And was told it is a social problem not just a woman's.

I disagree. Social structures change always returning to their natural state. Yes it is a problem for the current social structure and those who refuse to accept what is natural will suffer much more than those true men and women who refuse to be sucked into the propaganda of feminism and the myriad others daily driven into those who seek no knowledge.
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Best not to go out alone at night.
If I'm ever attacked I would go straight for his balls, grabbing hold of one and squeezing with a viciousness and the mindset that he let me go or he loses his nut. 20 to 30 seconds of squeezing his testicle hard should be enough to bring him to his knees. I then would run like the dickens to the closest public place where i would call 911 and an ambulance for my attacker as he will need emergency aid. This can kill a man and should only be done if you are being attacked or harmed.
This is effective.

Thank you Toss!

And that's why we have so many out of control kids. They want them but want everyone else to raise them. Schools are nothing more than a daycare service

China may have strict rules for having children. But at least they have to prove they can afford to have theirs and one parent must remain home and raise them.

Current social structure...well, since women certainly aren't as subjugated as they were a long time ago, I would be tempted to half agree with you. However, while the mad feminists who want more rights for women than men are awful people, there is truth to the over all feminist claim. I don't agree with all that "equal opportunity" stuff, because that's just another form of sexism/racism. But I do believe that women should get the same rates as men for equal work, which does not always happen. We are closer now to equality than ever before in history, but not quite there yet. And I disagree with the part about women needing men, by the way. My sister is enough for me. We've basically fended for ourselves our whole lives. We're used to not having men. That's why both of us have been single for over two years.

Yes. And that quote is also completely untrue. Judo is part of our style, which is based entirely upon using the other's brute strength and momentum against them. I'll state it again: size does not matter.

And don't get me wrong, I intensely despise most femenists, but you're leaning toward the other extreme with everything you've said thusfar.

Oh, and Dire, that's rather difficult when you live where I do...

What's your point?

Oh, and we train with weapons from knives to tonfa to canes, too :P So weaponry isn't an issue.

Martial arts isn't a back up. That's silly. Martial arts is a weapon you can always carry with you (and one that can actually be used against you in court), and I'd guess I would be better at defeating someone using martial arts than I would using a gun.

Of course martial arts uses weapons...I just said we learn weapons in my martial arts school.

I'm just saying I don't generally carry a knife around with me when I go out, and I'm pretty confident that I can defend myself without one, even if my opponent is armed with steel. And anyway, the first thing to do is incapacitate them as much as possible without sustaining injury and then get the hell out :P A quick spear hand to the eyes or throat will usually give you the time you need to make a hasty getaway.

It's not like I have a parents made an uneducated decision about housing based mostly on what costed the least, and so now we're trapped in what's basically a slum.

Also, that's still insinuating that strength is a determining factor in a fight. It's not, really. I've seen a well-trained but lanky nerd take down a big football player. There are ways to fight that are not direct, even if it's "toe to toe" as you said. Of course I'm going to lose to a big guy if I just try and push against him and rawr. But I guarantee you I'm faster than most people even of my stature. Speed and technique will always, as I stated before, triumph over brute strength.

Knife fighting and disarming guns are a big part of our self defence training. The other weapons we mostly practice with forms. Also, I would disagree that most are illegal. The tonfa are basically nightsticks made of wood. The Bo staff is a big stick. Arnis are just two smaller sticks. I can't speak for nunchakus because I'm not actually sure on that one, but most of the weapons we learn are street legal. The only two I'd think would really be a problem would be the sai and kama. At black belt fourth degree we also learn a cane form, which is definitely legal :P

Jade I agree. Martial arts is a lifestyle and to be used as a last resort. I loved them but no master would teach me. Never could control temper or my punches. Was taught and used to kill with it in Vietnam war.

Best not to go out alone. If I were attacked I would go straight for the balls with the mindset that the person attacking me will let me go or lose his nut sack. He may end up killing me in the end but his nuts belong to me.

A spear hand to the eyes throat takes even less time, and causes even more of a distraction. And grabbing their balls won't help if they have a gun to your head. In fact, it might cause a jerk reaction, and the gun could go off, which is bad.

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Glad to see there are others who know what is going on in this world.<br />
<br />
Those women will never understand toss. They are too busy living in denial.

I am not a feminist but do like to be a bit independent. I don't want to have to rely on someone else to do somethign that I am capable of doing. Part of this is just not wanting to be stuck waiting for someone else and part is not wanting to burden others. I do believe men and women need each other but I don't agree with you that men don't need women in bad times but women do need men. I believe we can be moral support to each other so man isn't carrying full burden alone while woman cowers in corner leaving it all up the the man.

Toss<br />
May I suggest some websites full of information about the evils of feminism.<br />
Manwomenmyth you can also find some of his videos on YouTube<br />
Avoiceformen also go to blogtalkradio and search for Avoiceformen<br />
YouTube:Girlwriteswhat christyomisty johntheother thehappymisogynist barbarossa rockinmre <br />
Angryharry this guy is the father is the father of the mrm<br />
The spearhead

Yes he is gone and Im still here. Which should tell anyone who stops and thinks about it that he did something wrong and i didn't. That maybe his ideas and mine are different. That he violated the rules and I didn't.
Also I fail to see how providing the author with useful information from men and WOMEN constitutes hatred of women.
Women: a group of people identified by their gender.
Feminism: an ideology or a way of thinking embraced by both men and women.
These are two separate things. Thus the need for two words to describe them. And why these two words are spelled differently.
The websites and YouTube posters i mentioned above are of based on this stories author's ideas about feminism. That is why i thought they would be of use to him.

Your exactly right. Very well stated. Very well written. Do you listen to avoiceformen radio or read the articles at If you don't you should. This article would fit right in. We see the truth.