I have been told:

it doesn't matter who brings home the bacon ...
why does it have to be the woman job to care for the kids and home .."
men are just as capable of doing domestic work and caring for children."

My reply: Simple: Any who live in the delusion this paradigm of overconsumption can continue indefinitely are living in total denial or ignorant of facts; even most experts agree within 20 years this world will see drastic changes.

Yes men are just as capable of domestic duties, yet how is it right to consider it a man's duty to protect, for which he is designed; when a woman denounces her duty to rear-nurture children and take care of the man who cherishes her, for which she is designed.

When the aforementioned time comes, and there is no where else to turn because the woman doesn't have the strength to go into the field, and bring home the bacon, or fight hand to hand with another man to protect said children, men will suddenly mean much more.

This man has two sons in the military, and as a result of women in the military men don't get the harder training they need: In other words, where they used to run certain courses making them tougher and stronger, those courses have been taken out, because it is too hard on the women and it might make said women feel less equal. When one gets to thinking about this it should scare the bejesus outa of ya, for that means are military is much less capable of defending your right to 'freedom.' Those women do not compete on equal grounds with men; their times for the required runs are much longer than the mens and far fewer pull-ups and push-ups.

I had a close relative in desert storm, also a veteran of 'nam; the dangers women being in the field place the men in; Two tours in 'nam, the closest he ever came to getting killed; getting a woman under his command, out from under fire in desert storm, because she refused to move to cover. It is idiotic. Women sitting down under fire and praying instead of fighting, women crying instead of fighting and then the Men have to risk their lives to save them, getting themselves killed or wounded. Women lacking the strength to kick a door in, or to carry a full 100 pound pack. Guess who carries what they can't? Men. We are not pack animals.

As politically incorrect as it may be  women are not emotionally designed for that kind of stress... I digress.

Why did those women do that? They were coddled in basic training and all through life full of the, 'oh I'm a princess'.  
Yes a woman can fight, but not on a one to one basis with a man, with a few exceptions. Know how many of those women finished their tour in an actual combat zone without being sent home? Several were recommended  to be brought up on misconduct charges for the same offense a man would have been dishonorably discharged.
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I agree women do not belong in a combat zone. Men are left to pick up the slack that comes with serving alongside a female. I also believe that it is natural for most men to protect a woman. And a lot of men feel responsible for their female comrade. It's not only an extra physical strain but an emotional strain making survival guilt even worse. Few women can go head to head with a man. Women are not physically designed to do so. There are many ways a woman who wishes to serve her country can do so without being an added burden to those around her. The requirement should not be changed to allow women to succeed. However if you do succeed then you should be allowed to serve and be prepared to be treated equal. If your going to play in the big league you should be prepared to do your equal share. I believe in equal rights equal pay for equal work. But lets face it you can't be a 5'4" 120lb bad *** its just not an equal fight. So get over it women there are some things we just can't do. However we do deserve equal respect after all is that not what equal rights is all about. Then again I've always enjoyed the fact that I don't have to kill the huge spider or clean up the gross mess and I would not have it any other way. Just sign me happy to be a woman.

This may shock you Toss, but I agree with you about women in direct combat.<br />
I am as feminist as they come, but I do NOT agree with women fighting in direct combat. I agree with all the points you made AND I also do NOT want females to be killed in war and in combat. It is bad enough that men ( sons, fathers, brothers, friends...) are dying but to put women ( mothers, daughters, sisters, friends...) in a position to be killed ESPECIALLY when they are often considered chattels, inferiors, and burdens by many cultures in many nations is almost to much for me to stomach.<br />
I actually REALLY adore and respect women and i do NOT want them to be hurt.

Toss you read my mind.

You know as soon as I commented here I worried that some would infer that I somehow considered woman more valuable than men. I assure you that I do not, but consider both of equal value. My oldest child is a boy and I love him more than life itself, just as I love my daughter. I love my and cherish my husband as well. What I meant is that because females are smaller and more vulnerable than males, they are more likely to be harmed. Why set them up for that? It is a crying shame that men die in war, why should we send our girls to die as well, especially as they are far more likely to be harmed and killed.

I completely agree Toss.

Go to christyOmisty's channel and watch her video entitled confessions of a G.I Jane. Its good.

I have another idea on this subject. When a woman can't perform in the field LET HER DIE. If a man can't perform he gets killed. It should be the same for women. They want equality so lets give it to them.

Very true. That would be the best plan. Those that can't cut it don't make it. Then those that can't cut it won't die. Everyone wins.

Wolf: I agree. I wish we lived in a world where chivalry was still possible. But chivalry has no place on the battle field. If there are people their that can't cut it that putative everyone in danger and the mission in danger. What would happen to a man that couldn't cut it? Im advocating for equality. I want the same for both sexes. War id bad enough without having to babysit someone that shouldn't be there. People are dying because of this political correct bullshit. I think it needs to stop. I like toss's idea better than my own. It saves peoples lives. But it will never work because the feminist will never allow that. So the only option is to treat women as equals on the battle field. If we do that many of them will die. Once that happens things will change.

Im not advocating for violence. However war is a violent place. If people want to be in the army they should be physically and mentally able to handle it or they shoulder their. Because they put everyone in danger. I wish we never had to go to war. But that not reality. I wish no one ever got killed. But that isn't reality either. If we formed all women battalions and sent these battalions into the field what would happen? They would get slaughtered. So we mix the women in with the men so that the men can protect them. That puts everyone at greater risk. That is wrong. We need equality. You can't have it both ways. You can't say that women are just as capable as men then say that men need to protect women. That kind of chivalry has no place on the battle field. People are dying to protect women. Women that should be there. Feminist demands have resulted in loss of life. People that wouldnt have died other wise. If women want to be in the military that fine but they should be able to do the job. If they can't they should be there. If they can they deserve no more and no less protection than men doing the sane job. We need fairness and equality.

Oh no! I do not want women to be hurt. This is such a cruel, unkind comment knight. :(

Hey, I believe in equality. If these women want to be soldiers then they should have to die like there male counterparts.

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JTO brought up a great idea. Form all women battalions. Put these all women battalions on the front lines. When most of them come back in body bags things will change. Its horrible to think about. But it would force the issue. Men are dying for the sake of political correctness. That has got to change.

The reason we should have all women battalions is to nullify that natural male instinct to protect women. Put these well trained women on the front lines along side regular battalions and wait.

That is the number one thing that is wrong with feminism. Feminism has taught women that they can have, say and do anything without consequences.or responsibilities. They have more rights than men without any accountability.

Saw your story was about to be rated off the board. Hope this comment helps.

Thanks for helping toss out here. Feminist love to come into our groups and vote down our stories. They cannot stand for the truth to be spoken. They also hate people who are willing to speak it.