Things Feminism Has Done For Men

I agree feminism has done its share of damage but with a group that's grown so big you should expect some bad outcomes.

1. Men are no longer expected to be the main provider for their entire working lives. They don't have to be frightened that they and their family will starve if they're diabled, injured or sick.

2. They can choose to work in traditionally female jobs, as secretaries, nurses and homemakers, for example.

3. It's ok nowdays for men to talk about their feelings; obtain counselling support; admit that they're emotionally unwell when those things happen.

4. They can have sex without being expected to marry the woman; if both agree to that. They can choose to enter into a common law relationship and never get married; if that's in accord with their personal beliefs.

5. They can now dislcose rape and abuse without being as pressured as they used to be, by the prevailing masculine culture, to remain silent or be accused of being weak, gay and so on.

6. They can spend more time with their children and be more involved in their daily care.

7. They can refuse to go to war and sok. Nobody expects them to defend and protect if they don't want to or they are just not cut out for that sort of role.

8. They can take better care of themselves - be gentler with themselves. There is less pressure to be macho; macho is not admired anymore.

9. They can charge an abusive partner with assault, stalking and any other behaviour that endangers them.

10. No fault divorce means that they don't have to have a reason to call it quits on an unhappy marriage. They don't have to have infidelity exposed to obtain a divorce.

11. They can know that when a woman is with them it's because she wants to be and because she values all that he is; not because she has no alternative way to survive.

Men and women can choose what side to be on.
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Things feminism has done for men... the real list.
- They have made it so men are unable to be victims of sexual assault.
- Men can not be victims of domestic violence.
- Men are only 10% likely to get custody of their children.
- Men are considered guilty until proven guilty any time a female accuses him of something.
- Men can not choose to be a father or not, he is told when he is and isn't going to be one by the pregnant female.
- Men are not able to have conversations without fear that a female will "take" offense and have him fired or worse.
- Men can not do, say, wear, sing, or think without the constant scrutiny of feminist warriors looking for ways to turn them into villians. (Shirtgate, Donglegate, elevatorgate, etc.)

Yeah... thanks feminism.

There is so much wrong with this it's ridiculous. Literally everything you said is complete B.S.

1. Men aren't expected to be the main provider? Sure that's true, but that doesn't mean men still aren't stuck with only one choice: work and be a walking wallet.

2. Good luck to any man trying to get a job as a secretary. Nurse is a little easier, but stay at home dad? You'd have to marry a rich woman for that and women don't bother with men they view as "beneath them".

3. I can talk openly about my feelings? Great, I guess the times I was told through my entire life, especially by feminists, to "man up" or to "check my privilege" (also known as "shut up, I don't care") are behind me.

4. Good luck keeping a relationship past a few years if you're a guy not interested in marriage. I've never met a woman who would bother with that.

5. Guys can disclose when they're raped? Really? What planet do you live on? Did you happen to know that according to the CDC, men are raped just as often as women. Yet there's NO support, NO laws in place to help men. A guy who reports being raped, the first thing they'll hear is "was she hot"? In fact, there's been numerous cases of male rape victims being forced to pay their rapist CHILD SUPPORT!

6. Men already did that. Except you can't nowadays if you're a divorced man. More on that in a minute.

7. I can refuse to go to war now? Huh, I guess that draft card I got in the mail didn't mean anything. I should totally ignore the warning above jail time if I don't show up if my number is drawn that's printed right on the damn card. Seriously, what planet do you live on?

8. Macho not being admired anymore just mans that men get treated like garbage for being men. And if we stop being men? We get shamed publicly with 50+ "where did all the men go" magazine articles and on talk shows.

9. No, we can't charge our partners with assault. Trust me, I tried after my ex girlfriend clubbed me in the back of the head and curb stomped my face into the stairs. I never laid a finger on her, yet when I went to the police after I got out of the hospital, they arrested ME! You see, it's standard procedure to arrest the larger person on the spot (I.E. the man) when there's a domestic violence report, due to feminist lobbying. Thanks feminism!

10. No, just no. No fault divorce means a woman can divorce a guy at the drop of a hat and then proceed to take her husband's house, half his wealth and half of his paycheck for the rest of his life. Have you bothered to look at divorce statistics at all? Around half of all marriages fail, 90% of the time it's initiated by women, the top reason given? Dissatisfaction. Women win almost every time, so tell me again how men are free to leave a marriage? Free to live in poverty is more like it. And if you have kids? She's all but guaranteed to get custody and then can dictate when you can see them, while she collects even more money from you, with no oversight to check if she's actually spending it on the kids. If you're lucky, you'll get the weekends with the kids. Two days a week.

11. That's something men didn't lose, until feminism had the divorce laws changed to make it really easy for women to divorce. Now you have to worry if she's going to use your life as a walking ATM.


As a woman... I am really ashamed of this post. Do you realize that most courts don't believe men when they say they were raped by a woman (which IS possible)?<br />
<br />
Men can't refuse to go to war if they have already been in the military before; if they do, they go to jail.<br />
<br />
Why do a majority of women like men with strong bodies (i.e. "machos")? It's instinctual. A man is supposed to protect the woman. You may not like it. But hey, you can say all you want that the sky is green because you hate the color blue. Doesn't mean that the sky isn't blue.

You're full of ****'s not because a man is a man they don't get their rapist into trouble it's either because of a judge or because there's no proof...also the military, army, etc r biased against women.,.not letting them do what men do...see how easy that was turned around....

And of course ur anti fem, and u prefer traditional gender roles, and old fashioned housewifery...haha

Bravo, Natalie!

The knight is shaking his head in pure amazed amusement.

You will never be like pendragon...I know a lot about knights and you thinking u should hold a title like thT shows u clearly do not know how a real night is. Maybe u can be the fictitious black knight..


The truth is feminism made such a profound change in history that it will not change no matter how many macho men and traditional housewives want it to.