Men What U Consider Failure Sure Has Worked For Many Men And Women

INTERESTING STORY---That's where leadership comes in; men taking risks and standing up very publicly. This can't be a conversation just in elite circles and therapeutic settings.

I'll tell a little anecdote about the potential for men changing. In 1972, Miller Brewing bought the rights to Meister Brau Light, which had been unsuccessfully marketed to women as a diet beer. Miller's research showed that men wanted a beer that wouldn't fill them up, but not one that could be seen in any way as feminine.

So what did they do? They hired a series of macho football players, including **** Butkus and Bubba Smith. They put them in a bar, surrounded by their buddies, and put a Lite beer in their hands. What was the message? **** Butkus can drink Lite beer and no one can accuse him of being a wimp! You can drink it too!

The result was the most successful ad campaign of the 1970s. Today, Lite beer is the official beer of the National Football League.

All this happened because of a simple insight: if you empower some men (especially men of status, like football stars) to take risks, and say, "This is another way to be a man," then it gives other men with less confidence and status a way to be similarly empowered. To maybe think a different way.

I think this is true about crying, about emotional life, about supporting feminism. If young men see other men in powerful positions--as well as in their families--speaking out, it will become more and more acceptable. But the leadership has to happen.

So, I say to the men here, you have an incredible platform in your families and your communities. And, yes, you do have to step out sometimes and sometimes you'll be ridiculed and feel lonely. But, hey, that's just the way it is. To men who say, "I'm not gonna get support, and I'm gonna be taking risks," I say, "You do what you have to do to be able to look yourself in the mirror in the morning and know that you're speaking your truth and you're walking your walk. Whatever anyone else says to you doesn't matter."

Do you guys drink girly beer..thank feminism!
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If feminism had anything at all to do with equality every man would support it. It does not and we won't. Feminism simply campaigns for privileges for women, period. Doubt it? Ask yourself why feminists only talk about equality for government and CEO jobs?
Men are 80% of suicides, 75% of the homeless and 90% of workplace deaths. I will believe feminism is about equality when feminist activists try to get more women into dangerous job categories.


great post :)

Thanks 777! I thought so too!