Reverse Discrimination

I had been reading so many arguments on this and decided to post this to its own topic when I was trying to reply to another post. Of course a feminist had to start on their reply to this.

Why are women sexualized so much. besides rap videos, in the add sections of youtube theres always boobies popping out
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I was born out of the beginning of the sexual revolution and grew up through it. Yes there was a time when the Women's Liberation was needed to bring necessary balance to the world. In fact I remember a time when the Feminist movement was empowering women sexually to say they had the right to be sexy and ask men out without recourse of being labeled a ****. Some how over the years this slowly turned from being the Women's Liberation Movement to the Feminist Group which seems to advocate nothing other than reverse sexism and the hatred of men.

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The phrase "reverse discrimination" is a bigoted hate speech that asserts "discrimination" is and can only be practiced by one race or sex. The phrase is discriminatory hate speech.

To be honest, I haven't seen much racism against ethnic minorities. But sexism is definitely a two way street.

Neo: If you haven't already, please take a look at this and tell me what you think. <br />
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Neo.....I know feminist women who adore men and simply want to get equal pay for their labor and be recognized and respected as "equal" citizens of the world they live in....<br />
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I've also known a few who honestly hated men and other women who loved men... :( Bad life experiences and negative exposure to a few bad men colored their perspective..... One of these women even told me when I first joined ep and here I quote what she said...."Bimbos like you who openly worship a penis who owns you...sets ALL women back by 200 years." She said this too me cause I love my own husband... :O <br />
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So as a women I hear what you're saying but like you, I don't think the basic ideas or concept of the movement is wrong...It's just some folks twist a good thing up into their own personal reason to hate..... Hate is sad and damaging no matter who it comes from....

The "Wage Gap" is another piece of feminist mythology that they still like to quote as if its true. Check out this video.

Oh and here are some quotes from prominent second wave feminist on the idea of marriage and family. These women set the tone and influenced third wave feminism. The writings of these women are also used in gender studies classes in college and have influenced domestic social policies for the US and several other countries.

You are not quit old enough to have been born and remember exactly what I am talking about, but you are essentially agreeing with me without realizing it. The Woman's Liberation Movement were not Feminists, and I very much agreed and still agree with there ideals. The Feminist Movement was born out of the Woman's Liberation Movement from the minority of the group that wanted to spread the hatred of men. Over the years the term Woman's Liberation was forgotten and replaced with the term Feminist. Because of that the minority few are trying to take advantage of this word play to convince everyone that Women's Liberation is Feminism. My point is they are very different things all together.

Yep, that makes sense. It was a small corruption in the Women's Liberation movement that gave birth to Feminism. They are not the same thing.

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I will state however I do not advocate hatred of any group of any kind, so I would not advocate hatred of the Feminist movement. I simply see it as being misguided and out of step with the modern era.

You should take a look at this.
Feminism isn't just simply misguided. Its a hateful, evil, bigoted and violent ideology.

I have already seen it and I do not doubt it, but the same goes for about anything. Christians had Jones Town, or let us not forget The Inquisition. New Age had Heavens Gate among many others. The stock market had The Depression, not to mention the recent bailouts. Rome had Nero. "Power Corrupts", any system of group organization is going to have absolute catastrophic failure eventually. It is simply a sign of the group reaching the critical stage of burnout before they fall apart.

If females didn't have significantly stronger biological sexual desire than men they would never get pregnant and go through all the stress and pain of bearing children. So their minds get overcome with sexual hormones. Females think with their wombs, and do whatever it takes to get pregnant.<br />
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Feminism has been about hate since its beginning in the middle of the 19th century. And feminists have been split on sexual liberation at least since the 1870s when some leading feminists openly advocated flagrant sexuality for females. All the while other feminists have criticized women who "sleep with the enemy," and blamed men, of course. Its all about hate.

I'm surprised that such a sunny, cheerfully disposed chappie as yourself understands hate so well

Yes, damsel, after seeing and receiving a lifetime of feminist hate its easy to understand feminist hate.