Men & Women Were Not Created Equal

Modern feminism has evolved from being about women wanting equal rights to women wanting more rights than men. It's true. I used to be (and still am) a feminist. However, that does not mean I condone all the madness modern feminism promotes. In my humble opinion, women will always be one step behind men. Why? Because we are not biologically equal to each other. We can try all we want and pretend we don't need men to help us carry our heavy baggage even if we can't carry it ourselves. We can pretend we don't notice the fact that men are physically stronger than us. We can pretend we don't care about the fact that it is scientifically proven that women are more emotional than men, or that men are more logical than us. We can also pretend that there aren't women in this world who actually enjoy being controlled by men. However, we cannot ignore the fact that, at the end of the day, no matter how hard we try, we can never be like men. We are different from each other. Different does not mean they are superior to us. Different does not give them the right to use or abuse us. I have heard many feminists and anti-feminist women fight with each other over things like having a traditional relationship. I don't understand why people don't see that while traditional relationships do work for some people, they are not meant for everyone. I don't understand why people keep trying to force their opinions down our throats all the time. If someone wants a traditional relationship, let them have it their way. If they don't want one, let them them have it their way. Live and let live, people. Don't judge others based on the lifestyle choices they make. Just because they are different from you doesn't make you superior to them.

EDIT: We are different from each other. We are meant to compliment, not dominate or be dominated by each other. :)

EDIT: I am not saying women need men to survive. We are strong even to live on our own. I am just trying to point out the fact that there are obvious biological differences between us that should not get ignored. However, not all men & women are the same. There are exceptions to every rule.
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Sorry without male seed you will die out in Time. Feminnazi's here are running scared because now that mouth has them going to combat front lines. Tag and bag them I say.

Well said!

Totally agree with everything you said and wish other women reflected in their lifestyles you demeanor. If you can answer this, why is that I can't find a sweet giving woman with a logical mind and high IQ. I can find sweet women but they need not to be the brightess leaf on the tree. I can find intelligent women, but someone where they lost the part about being a partner and playing nice. Me i have an engineering degree, I have been told I don't have emotions, not true, I just don't do roller coasters and logically think through my issues. A females point of view would be appreciated.

it's the same case with men, though. usually the more logical you get, the less emotional you are.

I guess I am not talking about emotions per se. I am talking more about compassion for the fellow human being. A giving nature, this does not mean door mat, just someone that has a grasp that the best thing in the world is to help each other, not see what you can take. Yes, I have know several men that are totally self centered. Probably just a cultural thing and a meaningful answer doesn't exist.

true, agreed.

Can I give a thousand likes? I swear I am not joking now, I am seriously starting to think you are my twin O.o!!! I think you have just copied my thoughts into words!!!!!!!!!!! Specially this sentence "We are different from each other. Different does not mean they are superior to us. " I believe if you check any of my arguments on the Q&A section on feminism you will find me repeating the same exact phrase like hundred of times! Great post, exactly my thoughts, hundred percent agree!

omg. we're related!!!!!!


If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. You are smart enough to acknowledge the obvious differences but you have to cling desperately to the idea of equality. When I see a man that can outdo me in every field, I dont sit there trying to convince myself that I am equal, I admire his superiority, accept my position in life, determine to be as good at being in my position as I can be and I go on. My self esteem doesnt require that I be unrealistic about my personal value to be healthy. We all have inalienable rights as humans and we all have the right to live and be healthy and pursue happiness, that is good enough for me and any other reasonable person, I dont require being given accolades and trophies that I am unable to earn. Males are the superior gender in all fields except gestation and lactation, and they are able to enforce that such are done at their will or do so artificially. The purpose of the existence of the female gender is to serve and please males and to assist with reproduction. If a woman doesnt want to do these things, fine, but that is her biological and psychological imperative nonetheless, all these other ideas are just lies invented by people who want to destabilize society. And any female raised in an environment lacking any outside assertions about gender roles will still automatically embody and believe all I have said as it is her underlying fundamental nature. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him think. I have stated the obvious to the insane world ad nauseum, I am tired of doing it. Take care.

Men are not superior in all fields, they are not superior intellectually and it was wrong of you to imply it. If you are tired of "stat(ing) the (so-called) 'obvious' " then stop doing it. Take care.

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<p>RE: EDIT: Women do need men to survive. Despite more than 160 years of feminism, MEN still produce virtually all the food, clothing, shelter, energy, transportation, shoes, and everything else that women depend on to survive. Men still suffer over 95% of job related fatalities producing all the necessary things of life. Women do not know how to run the technology and equipment. If men vanished, women would die. Women do not do equal work, do not have equal knowledge, and rely daily on men to survive.</p>

Of course we need men to survive just like how men need us to survive. What I meant was we are not that weak. Like the lady who commented below me, it is possible for us to live alone on our own. We don't need men to "complete" us.

Yes you do.

Explain to me how lesbians are still alive, then?

First being 'complete' and alive are two different things, but those lesbians have the hard stuff done for them by men and they live simply by making money in a male built system that requires and desires enough menial soft labor to create artificial niches that draw them out of the home where they could be a pillar of humanities well being and into the 'labor force' where they are just distracted brainwashed cogs in an infernal machine. Some lesbos 'live off the land' but they still have to get the really hard or intellectual things doen for them by men. Now I have seen some non-lesbian old fashioned women do amazing things, but they and all people I respect know their own limits and dont feel ashamed of them. --If a lesbian happens to read this and takes it as a challenge, great! Go separate yourselves away from the rest of humanity and 'rough it' until you either achieve amazon nirvana where you all basically turn onto little men or learn to appreciate all that actual men do for you.-- Now, on to the subject of being 'complete' I have stated that none of us are 'physically and psychologically 'complete' alone but men are far more complete in and of themselves than females who exist to be appendages of men and really never find true earthly fulfillment without defacto becoming such- regardless what they tell themselves. I dont hate women, I care for the women in my life a great deal and I suspend hate for any woman, but I love truth and try to find the silver lining in it and I hate lies. I can say that if I had been a female, I still would say these same things. I have always been the person to point out the elephant in the room that everyone else is pretending not to see. Most stereotypes are mostly true most of the time and they exist for a reason. These issues matter because willful ignorance and unnatural ways make humanity a sick and corrupted race, for me is is all too clear to see the chain of events from one persons ignorance or delusions to the harm of other people.

If that's what you mean, I agree with you. Both genders are dependent on each other for survival.

take care of yourself too, mister :)

One less than the other, but you and I do agree on some of the important issues but we tend to have schisms on the finer details. Anyway, at least you are polite and intelligent and dont wish me flogged with cacti like so many others do. I wish you well, may you have human love and love for and from GOD. Take care.

Every day lesbians consume food, shelter, machines, energy and a thousand other thing men have produced. Lesbians are a complete waste of valuable resources. They don't even product children. They just consume and consume.

I agree, dozer, two bisexual women that want to marry one man and be a nice big polygamist family is great but two women forsaking their natural purpose to just use the benevolence of men and give nothing back are truly useless eaters and no matter what job they hold that they presume to 'contribute' with, if they didn't exist someone else would hold it as well or better, we don't need them and they aren't good for humanity or the earth. Even a celibate or permanently single woman is of more use than a lesbian because at least they can be decent company because they aren't living an immoral life and teaching other females to abandon men. Within the human species the two genders are meant to form permanent mating bonds and repeatedly attempt to reproduce, lesbians do not behave this way so therefore lesbians obviously do not belong to our species and I for one want then to return to uranus from whence they came.

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You are close, but superiority and dominance are also a natural part of the equation.


Maybe I need to be more clear about what I am saying. I agree with a lot of what you said but I disagree with some points. I know that men are the superior sex. Women enable reproduction and can make life softer, sweeter, cuter, more fun and a bit easier, if they function properly. But men do everything else, including leading and providing limits, through dominance, for societies. That is how it is and that is how it should be. In all mammalian species the larger one is dominant, humans are no exception. People say all kinds of things, some kids here on EP think they are really vampires and werewolves, but truth remains constant and the truth about human nature is that men always have and always will rule the world. Women can be an awesome gift and make the world a much better place, but the feminine gender is not equal to the masculine gender, some women are equal and some are even superior to some men, but those are either extreme mismatches or rare exceptions. Take care.

I am not sure if I agree with the statement men are the "superior" sex. I think both sexes compliment each other. Without women there will be no life. I agree that men are dominant, though.

Close enough, now we need everyone else to open their eyes at least this far, then we might start getting some sanity back into society concerning gender. The age old truths were based on millennia of trial and error, not preconceived notions or hollywood fantasies, and we need to get back to what really works and what really fulfills and leave the hollow artificial absurdities in the wastebin.

well the thing is, though, that humans are different from animals. we have a moral conscience animals don't posses &amp; even if women are physically weaker, we are still just as intelligent as men. I don't think trying to dominate each other is going to get us anywhere.

Well I tried, but I can't do it. Dominance is a necessity and is tied not only to primal practicality but also to morality itself. And I just cant pretend to agree about women being just as intelligent, they aren't. You seem to be of above average intelligence, but that just makes you rare, not all of womanhood smart. Now I know that average men in America are fairly mediocre, but when I honestly compare them to average American woman, in spite of their shortcomings, they seem comparatively brilliant. Its the same the world over, some cultures have a higher overall degree of intelligence, and even in places where the average women are much smarter than average American men, the males there still naturally, regardless of conditioning, outshine them. From a theological and soon to be confirmed scientific standpoint men are the original and the best gender for all purposes excluding the few which would weaken them, namely gestation and lactation. women are cool if they behave right but men ARE the superior sex, and furthermore it is their superiority which women find instinctually attractive, just as men find the natural inferiority, comparative underdevelopment and neoteny of women to be attractive. I am glad in the end that I didnt compromise with you, it feels dirty to go half way, the full truth must be acknowledged, it is the only way to the pinnacle.

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I am disturbed that someone so young has this attitude. First, you need to revisit basic biology. Men (generally) have strength for the short term, we have the long term strength. (biologically designed, for childbirth). As for your asinine argument about emotions and logic, well, honey this is called the "nature or nurture" debate. Did you like Barbies because your mom showed them to you, or because you were born with a clitoris and inherently knew what you should play with? As far as dominance, haven't men had their turn? When do we get ours?

All the women in my family HATE barbies. I come from a family of scientists who haven't the time for these things. I can't believe a woman of your age does not know that childbirth actually makes women WEAKER because the baby absorbs all the nutrients from our body. We are weaker than men. To argue that fact would be to argue basic biology. Secondly, "nature vs. nurture" hasn't proven a thing. Sometimes, it's nature, sometimes its nurture. Ever heard of the David Reimer case? Some people are born fitting the gender stereotypes, my friend. Your comment is deeply disturbing " As far as dominance, haven't men had their turn? When do we get ours?" doesn't sound like the cry of someone who wants EQUALITY.

It is women's turn NOW! Women are better than men in just about every way. God, I wish I was a woman. Women have less muscle, less physical strength, but are stronger in terms of health and lifespan. Babies do not absorb all nutrients, mother and baby share with the baby being the priority. To hell with equality. Equal rights yes, but women are better and worth more to society.

;O I smell misandry.

I smell feminism.

*their group* sorry.

You should also.check out this persons page.
She also has a YouTube channel and a blog that I know you would enjoy.;zx=4fcfac40a9ca03d7

Hey knight, I think noman is a tranny.

Good catch. We all make small mistakes and typos. Thank you for the contacts!
I admit to being somewhat of a misandrist, I definitely think women in general are superior to men in general. And yes, feminist all the way. Tranny, crossdresser, transgender...I don't know, none fit quite right. We go down a bad path when we OVER generalize, when we stereotype and when we assign all beliefs to an individual that a group espouses. All republicans are...etc. Everyone needs to know that most feminists love men. I don't. I'm lots of things, but not homosexual. I wish half the men in the world would move to siberia and work the mines. The decent one's can stay.

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This was a very intestering post to read. I am not a femimnist myself, but it was good to read something from an unbiased and objective viewpoint. There are feminists out there (and most likely anti-feminists) who speak from a very subjective and personal viewpoint, but with your post I think you highlighted that there are significant differences bewteen men and women, and these differences need to be recognised, not dismissed. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that one sex is somehow better than the other, it just means that both genders excell and flourish in certain areas.

exactly! :)

Yes you are a feminist. Most women are, but unfortunately, idiots have fouled the word. I am feminist proudly and loudly. It is a separate issue that I say women are in fact superior to men. In this, I am different from almost all feminists. I wish I was a woman like I wish I were smarted, stronger, more educated etc. To be a woman would be a vast improvement.

imnoman, I'm afraid I am not feminist. A feminist (in the definitional sense) is a woman (or perhaps a man) who actively seeks "equality". I do not actively seek anything. While I acknowledge that accomplishments of feminism, I am still not a feminist myself. I believe in choice, therefore I think people should be whatever the want to be (within reason of course), and I make the choice not to be a feminist. Scientifically speaking, one could actually argue that men are smarter than women-intellectually anyway. But individualistically, no sex is smarter than the other. And no sex is superior to the other either. I like to judge people on individual merit, I don't make generalisations based on their sex. There are some smart women out there, there are some smart men out there. No sex is the better sex.

Before feminism women had no choice. Before feminism no man would care what you think. I maintain that unless a woman feels that she (and all women) is second to her husband and needs a man to be fully actualized, unless she bows in deference to males (as in some countries today...see "taliban"), she IS A FEMINIST. To be feminist does not equal devaluing men...that's the fallacy weak, scared men throw around. I am none of those things...I am feminist.

I agree. Which is why I am a feminist :P

ella, the numbers do have a favorite, really, take a closer look.

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Seems you are mostly against radical feminism.


I cannot disagree with anything you have said here. However you still label yourself a feminist. I think it would be wise of you to reexamine feminism. Look at all the things feminism has done to subjugated men and boys. Look at things like primary aggressor policies and the dear colleague letter. I think after you have taken a good close look at what feminism has done you will not want to were their brand. You seem to a very intelligent and rational person. I have faith that once you examine the evidence you will reach the proper conclusion.

The reason I don't think that you are really a feminist is because your story above shows a person that is too intelligent and rational to be a feminist. You can still.advocate for human rights and equality and not label yourself a feminist. You can still advocate for women's rights and equality for women and not be a feminist.

The label "feminist" carries a lot of baggage that doesn't apply to you. And feminism carries a lot negative connotations with it that don't apply to you and that I don't think you want. Many people think "Feminism is for equality and Im gore equality so Im a feminist." In many cases these people go on to learn that yes they are in fact for equality but they reject the label of "feminist."

I completely forgot to mention that you wrote a great story. Kudos to you.

Thank you, sir :)

"feminist"has been slurred and muddied by irrational self-protecting non-thinkers. I am a relatively rare feminist in that I also believe that women are better than men. Most feminists do not label themselves as such because of the mud idiots have thrown. Certainly the connotations, not denotations have been negative. The reality is that women have been suppressed, devalued and undervalued in a criminal and morally reprehensible patriarchal anti-civilization. Women's strength, freedom and power will only scare weak men.

Let me see if I understand this. If I stand up my rights Im week. If I comply with you and your demands (the demands of feminist) then Im strong. If I stand up to you (feminism) Im week. If I bow to you Im strong.

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Uh, no. Feminism has ALWAYS been about females wanting domination. Its been that way since its organizational meeting in 1848. The lies about "equality" have been going on since then too.

No, feminism started off with women wanting the right to vote, which, the way I see it, is wanting equality not dominance.

Women should have the right to vote. But that's not all the sufferjets did. In that time, when a man and a woman divorced, custody of the children went to the husband automatically. Instead of fighting for joint custody or equal custody the sufferjets fought for and got the roles reversed. From then on women were given custody. It was called the tender years doctrine. Even though many states rejected the validity of the tender years doctrine not long after it came into being custody still goes to women 84% of the time. The laws were changed only a few years after they were passed to ban the tender years doctrine. However nothing changed in the courts. Last election cycle the governed of an american state (Minnesota I think. Not sure) vetoed a bill that would require the courts to start from a position 35% custody to fathers 65% to mothers. He said he vetoed the bill because it would place some children in the hands of abusers despite the fact that the bill had safe guards built in for parents to prove that the other parent was unfit. I should have to tell you who protest against a bill giving fathers just 35% custody.

The national organization of women (NOW) has called.fathers rights advocates "abusers lobbies."

Uh, no. Feminism started off with women wanting to leave their husbands, take his children, and still force men to support them. That was the long term goal set at their organizational conference in Seneca Falls, NY, in 1848. Wanting to vote was a means to female domination and subjugation of men. It was not the feminist goal.