"empowered" Feminist Succeeds In Science -- 10,000 Men Destroyed.

Massachusetts expands probe into evidence falsified by state lab

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (Reuters) -

Investigators have identified 10,000 people convicted or accused of crimes
based on evidence handled by a Massachusetts state crime lab chemist who falsified tests, and officials said they planned review thousands more cases dating back nine years.

David Meier, a former prosecutor appointed by Governor Deval Patrick to lead the investigation, said his team initially had identified 2,000 people imprisoned or held on bail because of evidence tested by crime lab chemist Annie Dookhan, a governor's office spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Investigators have now identified about 8,000 more people who have been convicted or were on probation or parole, bringing the total to about 10,000 people, he said.

So far 195 people have been released from prison pending new trials as a result of the investigation.

In August, Dookhan told investigators she "screwed up big time" by intentionally contaminating samples, forging approvals and failing to follow procedures, according to a police report.

Dookhan, who was removed from the testing lab in June 2011, said no one else at the lab knew what she had done, and that she had deliberately disobeyed orders. Dookhan said she was simply trying to get more work done.

Investigators have begun a file-by-file review of all cases handled by Dookhan to ensure they have identified everyone affected by Dookhan's lab work, an effort expected to take months, Meier said, according to the spokeswoman.

Dookhan handled more than 60,000 drug samples linked to 34,000 cases during her nine-year tenure at the state forensics lab in Jamaica Plain.

She resigned in March and was arrested six months later on charges of obstructing justice and lying about her training. If convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison.

The governor has requested $30 million from the state to cover the cost of the investigation, the spokeswoman said.

(Reporting by Daniel Lovering; Editing by Daniel Trotta and Cynthia Osterman)
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Men never mess up like this. It must be the magic juice they have in their beautiful dangling spheres. LOL

Yes, the feminist hate war on men routinely uses the Criminal Injustice System to attack and destroy millions of men. Feminist hate war on men is violent and very destructive.

Paranoid anyone?

Sure men mess up like this, but they don't get away with it for so long. The benefit of the doubt given to female employees vs male employees is overwhelmingly pro-female, so the management types won't get accused of sexism, Etc.

Is your implication that because of this one (admittedly amazingly ****** up) incident, feminism is a failure and women shouldn't be in science? So by that logic I can find use Hitler as an example of how men shouldn't be in positions of power?

Can I use examples of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, only in the U.S., to say why women shouldn't be in power? Back a few years in history- Anastasia, the empress who dangled young girls from a spiked cage and bathed in their blood? Your argument is flawed.

You realize the reason I mentioned Hitler is that bringing up an extreme example and the holding that person representative of an entire gender is meaningless? One gender being superior to another is an unprovable assertion because 'superior' is a meaningless word we can't define. What's your criteria? "Number of young girls dangled from a spiked cage?"

My criteria is that your argument is flawed. Women shouldn't be removed from science- let's look at Marie Curie. You're looking at one man, where DozerDan was looking at a woman who faked tests and did HORRIBLE things, sending people to prison, for the sake of nothing. She, and ALL her coworkers, be they feminists or not, should be suspended indefinitely and thoroughly investigated.


Not only that, it is PROVEN that the sex was consentual. The little princess jailed three men on insubstantial charges and then she backed down after she was found to have an alcohol problem as a 20-year-old. The girl deserves jail, prison, fines, or whatever's coming to her.

yes you are right, she does. Because she has done a horrible thing. But blaming this unfortunate incident on feminism is a complete joke. It actually takes away all the seriousness dozerdan has been trying to putt off. So I'll still call it cute.

Replied to the wrong post- sorry.