How Has Feminism Failed?

Let's start with the obvious. Feminism has to achieve equality with the pointing of a metaphorical gun. Policies, laws, minimum % of females on boards and company management, Et Cetera. Equality under threat of sanction is not equality. It is a totalitarian idea of "Submit, or else!".

Seriously, has anyone asked a feminist how feminism benefits boys and men? The answers always are gender specific to women, creating an asexual world environment is not the answer.

Feminism has taken the fight from equal rights to what is seen by many as a zero sum game. For every law passed and policy created that benefits women, there is an inherent negative effect on boys and men. More women need to be enrolled in STEM fields ( I am for this BTW). The implementation of this need is accomplished by setting aside $$ and slots specifically for women in the STEM fields in Universities and colleges. How does it negatively affect men? Men with grades and ACT/SAT scores equivalent to female STEM candidates will be left out because of legalized sexism. Ones gender is the deciding factor in college admissions and that is flat out gender discrimination.

Modern men don't want to put women back into the kitchen or make them domestic slaves. Modern men want want to be seen as men, not the bumbling idiots or violent psychopaths that our mainstream media portrays.

To be blunt, a lot of men are just plain tired of being cast as rape supporters, child rapists, violent abusers, and woman haters because they speak up and just say "No" to the constant flurry of negative imagery and dialog casting men as the source of all thing bad and evil.

To the women readers: Have you ever considered what it is like to be labeled a possible child rapist because you take your kids to the playground and take photo's of them playing, or merely get assigned an airline seat next to an unaccompanied minor only to be forced to change seats because you are a man and thus a possible sexual abuse threat to the unaccompanied minor? Feminism has pushed the idea that all men are potential rapists and child abusers, it has gone mainstream and has policies that impact men directly and in a negative light. Men are sick to death of this abuse.

Will feminism help men who are painted with the broad brush of potential rapist, or child molester? I think not. Feminism has to demonize men to maintain the fear, thus garnering the power of the fearful and the victim.

That's where feminism has failed. It says one thing and demonstrates by actions something else.

Equality can never be achieved by demonizing and shaming one gender while elevating the other gender as being the perpetual victim.

Walk a few miles in our shoes. Imagine being afraid of being able to bring a lost child to a security desk in a mall or shopping center because you run a big risk of being accused of being a pervert or sexually abusing the child.

That's the F'ing reality men face thanks to feminism and that is where feminism's stated goals have failed.  There was never any intention of helping boys and men.
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You sir, are awesome!!!!!! :)

feminism is full of ideas of oppression and domination making men the slaves the women our masters...

Many people who think of themselves as being feminists will say "not all feminists are like that." To them I say, then they are not feminists; perhaps they are egalitarians (look it up in a dictionary: it means they believe in true equality).

All brands of feminists claim to be "equality for women" but what that really means is pushing for women to have equal chances as men, or if that doesn't work well enough then pushing for women to have equal outcomes as men by abandoning equal opportunity. And at not time will feminism try to push for men to have the same opportunities as women, let alone the same outcome as men.

Feminism's "equality for women" requires that women be all that men are and have all that men have, while retaining all the benefits of being women. That's female supremacy of a sort not found in any male-dominated society in recorded history.

I think you nailed it with that post. Equal rights and equal outcomes are not the same thing. Equal rights has given way to equal outcomes and when that happens, the inevitable Zero Sum Game comes into play. In order for players to win, something must be removed and given to the player with less. When you look at how policy handles this concept, you see the artificial leveling of the "playing field" so many feminists use as a straw man. The leveling of the playing field for all cannot be tied to equality of outcome. If you really want to see what leveling of outcome will be like, please watch this. A rather disturbing view of what we are moving towards:

Thank u for the last response - wow, since I learned more about you - the horrible things you endured.... I understand better......but for me - I love men - by far, most of the men I meet are awesome, are strong, powerful men and tender, kind men. Yup - there is a % of mean, awful men and women.....I can't walk in your shoes since I am not a man - but thank you for this perspective - I agree - there certainly is this male bashing thing going on in our society - sad but true.

"That's the F'ing reality men face thanks to feminism and that is where feminism's stated goals have failed. There was never any intention of helping boys and men".....boy isn't that the truth ....yes, when society gets involved with gov't, creating rules and regulations to pit one group against another - someone loses and things can get really skewed or @#$@ up !

I know a lot of successful women that run small and large companies and corps - they still maintain their feminine qualities - which usually makes them successful in the first place....women tend to listen well, they tend to organize great teams and leadership and have a softness - where they are approachable by employees !

The idea is: be yourself - don't sell out and try to be something different - and one's life will be a lot more rich and enjoyable !

That was an interesting and well thought article - however - I have never viewed men as u are describing.....yes, it is sad there are more women and minorities getting jobs that a capable man could get - (these jobs are NOT filled based on Merit - but on a quota) - so yea, I can see from a man's perspective how frustrating and disenchanting that could be !

I wonder where u are getting your news and who you hang around - associate with - to get this negative perspective about men......I have never thought this at all.

Oh, it's not a negative perspective of men at all, it's a real dislike of policies and accepted public norms that paint men as the bane of society and threats to women and children. As I mentioned, walk a few miles in our shoes. If you watch TV, please look at how men are portrayed. Are most of the men violent, losers, idiots, or worse. Seriously, there are very few positive male role models in the media because there is a notion that masculinity is somehow bad for the world and needs to be fixed or cured.

Ask some male acquaintances how secure they would feel if they found a lost and crying child in a store, begin able to brink the kid to a security desk or manager. I'm not making this stuff up, nor is it paranoia. This stuff is real and it does affect men, courtesy of feminism's demonization of men as being a danger to children/women.

Having asked men how secure they would feel helping a lost and crying child, then look at news reports of disasters. Look at the gender that is helping injured people, rescuing them and helping others of all genders and ages. You will notice that almost every one of them is male.

Men want to help so much. Can you imagine what it is like to have to stand aside, not go to help, just because you might end up with a load of social and even legal problems if you follow your natural instinct to help others?

What a great article. I'm for equal rights, but that's not what happens in the world. I'm sick of advertisements that imply that men are second-class citizens, that can't handle day-to-day life. I don't understand why this is okay. It would never fly if they did that to women. I have two sons, and I don't want them to grow up in a world where men are the cast-offs of the human race.

Feminist hate is an underlying cause of most of the mass killings in the US and other nations. When they teach hate day after day, year after year, and drive men to suicide, a few men are going to fight them or take out a bunch of them during his suicide. Hate comes back to the haters.

Men prefer to be kind, gentle, and protective, but there is a limit to how much hate some men will take.

Awesome article. I agree with everything you said her 100%. Although for some feminist the the negative affects of feminism against men was the point.