How Has Feminism Helped Boys And Men?

I ask this question looking for rational facts on how Feminism has helped Boys and Men. If you decide to reply, please be specific and focus on the male gender, not how Feminism affected women with XXXX result improving the lives of boys and men. Think outside the box and your gender.

You might find it is a hard question to answer with supportive facts.
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It's has done nothing for men or boys except fuel the hate of between men and women just like the civil right act fuels the hate between black and white

<p>&nbsp;<p>Why would it matter if it helps men? It's about saving a large group of people from oppression which they've faced for millennia. That's as pointless as saying "racial equality helps White people, too." It's not about helping the race or gender who has been dominant for the past while, but helping other races/gender to become equal.</p><p></p>

why are you asking me if i understand...........

Feminism has a stated goal to help both women and men, that's why I asked the question.

so painofshame ....hmmmm you are both paniofshame and direlight? ok so you have two profiles like others here

Pain if you read my comment in full, towards the botton, there is a sentence that says....&gt; helping other races/gender to become equal.

Same here, 1 profile

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Angry aren't you? I was simply pointing out that simply because it has done you no good doesn't disqualify the good it has done for others.

To answer your question directly; by breaking down gender barriers it has enabled many men to join professions other wise considered to be feminine. Of course from your previous comment you probably think any male nurses/ hair dressers/ fashion designers are sissies and should have been born women anyway.

Oh, you might want to reconsider the "gender barrier" for "feminine positions". Male nurses have always been there, just not called nurses. Think of the Samaritans if you want to go back a bit. Hair dressers, Men started off as barbers and guess what? They cut women hair also (and prescribed leeches). Back in Victorian times it was a noble profession to be a tailor who also designed female attire, as a matter of fact many of the nobility of Europe had court tailors that clothed both men and women with the latest style.

The perceived gender barriers never stopped men in the past, however the current environment where female dominated professions such as nursing and teaching have a new set of issues. Men are entering those fields and finding a rather hostile environment. The hostile environment is not from men calling them sissies, but women feeling threatened by male incursion into female dominated professions. I personally know 2 male nurses and 1 male primary school teacher. The stuff they have told me would have resulted in a class action lawsuit for a hostile workplace if the complainants were women.

Ever wonder why there are so fe male teachers as compared to 30 years ago? It's not the money, its the system. Male teachers are cautioned never, never to be alone with a female student, or to have someone else in the classroom when discussing grades, papers, assignments, etc. with a female student. Why? Because the accusation of sexual inappropriateness or sexual abuse is rampant against male teachers. It not a case of if it will happen, it's a matter of when it will happen. What man want's to follow his dream of teaching only to be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior towards a female student? Don't believe me? Ask a male teacher if he has had a complaint of a sexual nature filed against him.

Pain only because women no longer want those jobs. They consider them degrading anymore and feminnazi's love it when men do them. It falls in Line with make all men sissy wussy plan

How did abolishing slavery help white people? -Shrugs-

good point. A lot of folks tend to miss out on our true history in favor of revisionist contemporary history.

Yes pain and old Jim crow was a former KKK grand wizard.

By increasing my desire to not live in this solar system

Well, this questions responses seems to support my hypothesis that feminism has not helped boys and men in any way.

Wow, judging by the sheer number of posts here I think the question has been answered.

yep, you might be right.

I can't think of any ways it's helped me.