Truth Of A Man

I have considered for a few days what group this would best fit under; knowing how feminism has so devalued us men I will place it here and perhaps also under TiH group to give women a little more understanding on us men.

I cannot speak for all men but for me and the few 'men' I know this is spot on.

It was written by a psychologist in the late 50's and sadly is out of print due to its political incorrectness.


..."the conscious reevaluation of men, cab be achieved by learning what the male sex is really like- how it differs from the female sex, what men think, act and feel the way they do in everyday life.... In this way she will soon learn to understand her husband as he is, and thus achieve the ability to love him in all his uniqueness and individuality." pg142

""All men have nightmares.""
.....For the majority of men, when they marry, they take on an enormous burden which they may not lay down this side of the grave. Quietly and without histrionics they put aside, in the name of love, most of their vaunted freedom and contract to take upon their shoulders full social responsibility for their wives and children.

As a woman, consider for a moment how you would feel if your child should be deprived of the good things in life:..... Consider how you would feel if he should go hungry..... But they are passing thoughts; a woman does not give them much credence; they are not her direct responsibility; certainly she does not worry about them for long.

But such thoughts, conscious or unconscious, are her husbands daily fair. He knows, and he takes the carking thought to work with him each morning (and every morning) and to bed with him at night, that upon the success or failure of his efforts rest the happiness, health, indeed the very lives of his wife and children. In the ultimate sense he alone must take the full responsibility for them. pg147

I do not think it is possible to exagerate how seriously men take this responsibility; how much they worry about it. Women, unless they are very close to their men, rarely know how heavily the burden weighs sometimes, for the men talk about it but little. They do not want their loved ones to worry.

Men have been shouldering the entire responsibility for their entire family group since earliest times. I often think, however, when I see the stresses and strains of today's market place, that civilized man has much harder going, psychologically speaking, than his primitive forefathers.

There is no feild of endeavor that a man may enter where he can count on complete economic safety; competition, the need for unremitting year-in,  year-out performance, is his life lot, Over all this he knows, too, stands a separate specter upon which he can exert only the remotest control. It is the joblessness which may be caused by the cyclical depressions and recessions that characterize our economy.
It is true; all men have nightmares. 

Few if any women could take the kind of daily strain and worry men commit themselves to when they sign the marriage contract. And no woman in here right mind would want to take it. It is true that many women go into the market place....pg148.........Those who stay of their own free will are few and far between, and in my experience some have proven to be difficult people in their family relationships, though some are talented. Women are designed for duties different from those of the market place, another kind of stress entirely, and lose their essential womanliness if they stay by choice.

Far from seeking to enslave our sex, to exploit us through his strength and his aggression, man has put these two great and basic attributes entirely at our service. It is (and always has been) this fact that makes it safe for us to be women, to bear his children with a sense of security, to rear them,know that he is there, always and forever, earning out bread, watching over us ceaselessly, keeping his terrible anxieties about us and our safety to himself so that we will not worry as he does.

Nor can she hold onto her resentment of the fact that it is genereally the male who initiates the sexual act. For it is the same male aggression which protects her, allows her to be wife mother, that makes him the wooer and she the wooed. Again, knowing how easily women are distracted from sexual feeling by trivial upsets, by the small things that occur during the day, imagine what would happen if the women had to take the male's anxieties and yet be responsible for initiating sex at night. Should such a reversal of roles ever happen to mankind, the world would soon b depopulated. Women must learn to thank god daily for the energy and drive of their men. 149-150

Marie n. Robinson, M.D.
The Power of Sexual Surrender

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2 Responses Dec 30, 2012

This is interesting to me because as a PASSIONATE FEMINIST I agree. I have written on these very pages here at ep that I have always believed that men hold on their shoulders a colossal burden of masculine expectation. The constant push to compete and achieve is a very heavy burden to bare.
I do disagree though that men are the only ones who present day experience this stress and burden.
As a mother I worry constantly about my children, about money, about bills, about my aging mother ect... I share the same burden with my husband, the EXACT same burden.
So instead of playing the victim card for men, why can't you people see that women in present day society also feel stressed and burdened.

Thanks for posting that truth. Feminist hate has gotten much worse since 1959.