How Femminism Has Helped Men

here are a few reasons and programs for men ...

The definition of manly was forced on many men just as the definition of ladylike was forced on women. Men were expected to be strong and silent, the common scolding of “boys don't cry” can be just as damaging as “girls are weak” Feminism has helped blur the lines between the masculine and the feminine, allowing men to have feminine qualities, and furthering fluidity of identity. While there are many men who identify with the “manly man” prototype, there are many men who don't. Masculinity now doesn't require a penis and femininity doesn't require breasts and a womb.

It is more important to judge a person’s skills by a person-to-person basis. gendor should not be tor when hiring for a job in any field. Equality means equal opportunity, not monotony.

Another example is paternity. Before, only women could get time off from work after having kids. Now, men can, too. In some countries (and companies), it is even paid for (but payment is not mandatory in the US, because we suck when it comes to maternity/paternity rights).

It used to be, "Don't worry - if you get pregnant I'll look after you
and the child". Now it's just as likely to be, "Don't worry, if you
get pregnant I'll look after the child while you continue your career
and look after us"!

Many of the early feminists fought for contraception to be made
more freely available and so now a couple can decide together
when they want to have children or they can choose not to. My
father was banished to the waiting room when I was born but now
a man can be fully involved in his partner's pregnancy and in
the birth and care of his child. Changes in attitudes to women
and to the process of birth itself have allowed greater freedom
here and men have benefited too.


Finally, even if you’re a more traditional guy who wants his wife to stay at home, and have dinner on the table when you get there, you can still have that. It’s just with feminism, you’ll be able to find a woman who actually wants to do it, instead of one who resentfully does so because she wasn’t allowed to be an astro


Did you know that the minimum wage for men was originally set with reference to the fact that he was expected to support a wife and three children? That sounds like a lot of responsibility and stress. With equal pay resulting from feminism, your partner can support herself, and together you could have six children, or, more likely, buy a plasma screen!

Call Me Mister
A program to recruit 200 black men to be elementary school teachers in South Carolina.

NEA grants
This is National Education Association's website with a list of grants and scholarships for students becoming teachers and for men already teaching.

Call Me Mister in Florida
A program to recruit 200 black men to be elementary school teachers in Florida.

Men for Excellence in Elementary Teaching
A program for men in elementary education at the College of Education, University of Missouri - Columbia.

Public Safety Officers Benefits SPOUSE (MEN /WOMEN ) Program
The Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program (PSOB) provides a one-time death benefit to eligible survivors of federal, state or local public safety officer who die in the line of duty. The program also provides disability benefits to eligible public safety officers who become permanently disabled as the result of a catastrophic personal injury sustained in the line of duty.

Health Insurance for PARENTS (men and women) OF Uninsured Children
The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, makes funds available to states that have in place federally approved programs providing health insurance coverage to uninsured children.

Consolidated Health Care Centers Program: Health Care, FOR THE MEN AND WOMEN Insured or Not.....The Consolidated Health Care Centers Program is a federal benefit program providing comprehensive primary and preventive health care and social services to medically un served and undeserved populations. Essential medical services are provided without regard to an individual's ability to pay or health insurance status.

Dislocated and Laid Off Worker Program for men and wwomen......
The federal Dislocated Worker Program, administered by the US Department of Labor, helps individuals who have been laid off or terminated, or who are scheduled to be laid off and need assistance in finding or qualifying for a new job.

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Jan 8, 2013