Pathetic, Pathetic Failure

What it has come to is not "equal rights" but rather a sad pathetic attempt at "more rights". And Dave is absolutely correct, we will never see eye to eye on this, too many ******* idiots on both sides. And my view on this is well, when religion is eradicated, racism no longer an issue then maybe if they're lucky.....

I'm not trying to say women have no right to think they have rights just as much as men are fooled into thinking they have right while the system ***** them over, by all means women fight for your "rights". However what I am saying is feminism has actually ended up harming women. A lot of women want a return of some type of courting times, feel as though men aren't gentleman anymore, I laugh at this, the chances of that returning are slim to none. Chivalry is dead, women killed it. But like in anything in life you have to just bear the **** and people not worth your's like  a ******* ocean or a maze or some ****, haunted one...two people at each end of the maze, they both go in and what they have to do is make their way through the ************* and the ********, that's all any type of relationship really is. No one is ever who they are at the time you met them forever. Anyway....All I have to say about any of this Dave Chappelle has already said:



Women got much advice on men from women, they don't know what the **** they're talking about.

"The magazines trick the women, the magazines start pickin' at your self- esteem, every page you turn you start feeling fatter and uglier and you feel like your clothes aren't not good enough. The magazines have you forgetting how ******* beautiful are. "

All efforts to change anything are futile, on both sides, people will never agree as long as us idiots inhabit this ************* planet. Never.

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You got it.