Something To Consider

Any who are staunch proponents of feminism should ask themselves a few questions.

Why would two people, whose parents were immagrants from germany, be such vocal supporters of feminism? Steinem and Kissinger.

Why would some one who was inspired by marxism and valued communism be a supporter of feminism? Betty Friedman

Why would something supposedly so beneficial to women be so staunchly supported by communism?

Why would they want to destroy so much?

Nothing in this world is as it seems.

While this 'war' (divide and conquer, distraction) is taking place women and men are being systematically, sterilized, poisoned, domesticated etc,etc.

What is going on while everyone is other wise occupied is frankly sickening.

Yes we have equal worth and value, but we are not created equal. Women have been peddled an absurd theory that they can do all that a man can which is idiotic beyond belief.

To try and propose such a theory requires facts such as:
A staunch feminist seem unable to use reason. Any one who has studied anatomy; on the level of muscle fibers, and few others; would know that men and women are not created equal. Women have a much larger percentage of Type I muscle fibers (slow twitch ie endurance fibers, also know as aerobic) where men have much larger percentage of Type IIa (fast twitch with endurance and power capacity, can work aerobically or anaerobically) and Type IIb fibers (fast twitch fibers which allows for very quick acceleration, power and speed, they are anaerobic fibers).

Our own bodies show we are not created physical equals.

Women excel at repetitive tasks and are designed so by nature. Men excel at strength speed and power, designed by nature to handle short intense bouts of physical activity. Fast twitch fibers actually take longer to recover than slow and intermediate.

In order from greatest to smallest area occupied in muscle
Men: type IIa, I, IIb
Women: type I, IIa, IIb
Women's muscle fiber area of both type I and II are smaller than men's

Feminists proposing the absurd notion women are just as capable at all tasks as men are setting women up for insecurities.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

You talk about Feminism spreading Marxism like that's a bad thing.

These are generalities. Not set in stone for every human being. There are great variations throughout the human race. Some women can naturally do things a man can, while falling behind on those "feminine" abilities. And all women can do things men can if they make an effort