Because It Wanted The Wrong Things

If feminism had stuck at equality for women, it might just have worked. But it didn't, it got subverted by women with other agendas such as fish and bicycles. Be careful what you wish for.
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

My bigger problem with feminism is and will always be that it seems to take the position of replacing a "patriarchy" telling me what i should do and replacing it with a "matriarchy" I neither need or want a mother or a father to tell me how to live my life, humans (men and women alike) are generally able to make their own lifestyle choices.

and what they decide to do is (generally) none of my damn business.

There is nothing wrong with buying your sons footballs and your daughters barbie dolls... the damage is in allowing your children to develop without your input into how to treat all human beings with kindness and respect.

That is a very good point. Teaching kindness and respect is important as if how to respond when not treated with kindness and respect.

Men who do not take charge do not make women's juices flow. We cannot overrule the facts of life.

They lost when they started making demands instead of asking. And when they went from getting a job on qualify for it to I'm a woman you have to give it to me.

Well, feminism never was about equal anything. That was a propaganda lie they used to fool the gullible. Feminism was, is, and always has been a pro-women, anti-men and anti-marriage hate program. It has not changed since its organization in 1848. If feminism had ever been about equality it might have been valuable, but in fact it has been monumentally successful in destroying men, marriage, and families.