Oh, Now Men Need To Man Up!

Last night I was tired so I had a beer and watched some Youtube videos. I ended up watching a few that had women complaining about men and that men need to “Man Up.”
The gist of these commentaries were that women were getting educated and starting professional careers and now they cannot find any suitable males because men have not caught up. Men spend their time on the couch in wearing a hoody playing video games.
I find it somewhat amusing the way this was being discussed. Once again it was the fault of men that women are not happy.
This is something women need to understand. Yes women are entitled to be able to vote, yes they are entitled to have the same educational opportunities that are afforded to men and yes they are able to be able to pursue any career that a man may pursue. However, they are not entitled to a man!
The expectation of having an attractive, successful and doting man ready when a woman finally decides she wants to get married is an unrealistic expectation. Men are not lined up in department stores shelves waiting to be chosen by a woman like a pair of shoes. These women seem to forget that men have their own lives to live and dreams to pursue, but instead seem to think that men should drop everything and marry a woman because the woman decides that she wants to be married.
On lady complained that the good role models for men are few and far between. I wonder where she has been for the past two decades. The last good role model for a family man was Bill Cosby. It seems almost conspiratorial that there has been a lack of good male role models on TV for a long time, because a segment of society wanted to downplay male dominance in society. Any man that was smart and successful was a villain. Husbands have been portrayed as the family idiot. Commercials caricatured such men over and over that it became a cliché.
For the last few decades the movement has stated that men are unnecessary and many young boys and men have heard this stated. So if men are told (or overhear), that women do not need them because they are unnecessary then why bother trying to be a man that women would desire? These men figure that there is not a chance to have woman in their lives or it is too much trouble so they pursue other activities.
Also there has been a very large and somewhat successful attack on masculinity that most boys have no clue how to behave. Can these women seriously expect that such an attack not to have repercussions? A society cannot expect to remove masculinity from society and then demand that men man up.
I will agree that there are many men that spend there time in pursuits that may not appear to be what is understood as a proper activity for a grown man. Men are attending college in fewer numbers than women so the job opportunities for most men are not the same as women. However, many rejoiced over this occurrence. Hooray for women!
So these men now just sit around and play video games and watch TV. One woman complained, “What did their father’s teach them?”
Well maybe they did not have a father because some deemed that it was unnecessary. Or it is possible that a divorce happened and the father was denied custody rights and was not in the young man’s life. Or it is possible that the father was around and the son saw him so miserable being married and the son decided such a lifestyle was not worth it.
Maybe the father did teach the son. Maybe the father told the son, “don’t compliment women at work or you will be fired for sexual harassment,” or “don’t get married.”
So women are left with many men that are not marriage material. Now they cry, “Men need to Man Up!”
Something needs to be understood about the man who sits and plays video games, or goes to bars and watches sports with his friends. He is content with his life. Sure he could be happier with the right woman. However, his life has a complete lack of misery.
Men now see marriage as a risk. The risks far outweigh any benefits to marriage. Women need to ask, what is it that they offer men in marriage?
Sure a woman can cook for a man, but most men now have been cooking for themselves. Many enjoy firing up the grill, and almost all have been regularly able to feed themselves from an early age than men from a few generations ago.
Sure a woman can clean, but men can do that for themselves as well. A successful man can employ somebody to clean for him. So what can a woman offer that will entice a man to enter a state of matrimony?
“Men need to Man Up!” is the new cry.
I ask, “Why?”
If they are content, not miserable, not being a burden to society and being a lawfully abiding citizen, then are they not free to lead the life that they choose? If women want to have men that are successful, charming, sexy and attentive, then the women need to provide an incentive for a man to do so. However, many will just complain.
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After enduring a Dirty Divorce,Parental Alienation,False Charges and Conviction,Loss of Everything I owned! All because I told my Ex to stop ripping off RevCan...pretending to be a Single Mom behind my back. I only have this to say...Why don't you go "Women Up" instead! No...you just gotta have your Childish Little Power Trips at the expense of Decent Men who have Conviction! Something a lot of Women seem to be lacking these days? You want equality...Fine! "Woman Up" and give Men the same considerations that you are asking!!! Otherwise...you're not Equal! Men will pass you over,and pursue the Fun Things that we would like to do! By the way...you've nothing to offer me that I can't get...even being Single! We Men "don't need" you Women neither! Currently...we're better off without you. Enjoy "Reality Check 101". Now...back to my Beer and Video Game! Touché

First. It is offensive when a female insults men by asserting that she has the standing to decide what "man up" might be or not be.
Second: When a female says "man up" what she means is that he is supposed to sacrifice himself and his needs for her and her needs. She's saying anti-men hate speech, asserting that females are important but men are not important.
Lastly: It reminded me of the old TV line, "To the moon, Alice."

The only time I have heard it used was by a father to his son, and by a man to another man at a sports event. What did they mean by it?

I'm sure you wouldn't understand, Mike.

Well it doesn't seem to have anything to do with feminism, that's for sure.

Well actually Mike...It is a common phrase used by Militant Feminists although at one time...it had a more positive meaning. Today it's Feminist Code for " Kiss our ***** and give us everything we want without question?! That or we will just destroy you anyway we can.

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"Something needs to be understood about the man who sits and plays video games, or goes to bars and watches sports with his friends. He is content with his life. Sure he could be happier with the right woman. However, his life has a complete lack of misery."

Are you saying only a woman can bring misery to a man's life?

No I am not saying that. There are other things of course such as having a house lost to a earthquake or something to that effect.

I have seen too many men in my life that are miserable and the wife or girlfriend is the primary source of that misery. Most single men that I have known, those that are doing something do not seem to be miserable.

So why would those guys put up with it?....Shouldn't they end the relationship and move on or something.

That I could not answer, but I could only give speculations. Some of these are, they are afraid of being without a woman, they might take a big financial hit in a divorce, or they keep together for the children. Granted these are just guesses on my part.

I agree that they should end the relationship and move on. Volunteering for a life of misery does not make sense to me, which brings us back to the guys on the couch playing videos games and going to sports bars with their friends. Maybe they ended a relationship and moved on, so now they have that absence of misery that I mentioned.

Could well be....maybe they have learned that's the best way for them to be.

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