Do You All Know How Much Time Is Wasted On Social Media Networks

It is amazing how people of the 21st century are so easily numbed and
desensitised by all forms of media, TV, Radio, Internet/social media and so on, Life is ment to be enjoyed and real social interaction is a basic human need, real friends not FB, Twitter, dating sites, when you interact with people the experience should be with all your senses you need to read people and this takes skills that will soon be lost in the 2 dimensional realm of social networking. Get out and experience life dont let fear hold you back.
I own a successful engineering company, I was bored and had a need for a new life experience so I left home and worked security in Afghanistan for 3 months, Travelling to Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar e Sherif, etc. and I saw the country & it's people as they really are and the Americans and people of the UN as they really are, not some composite, structured by the media. Who are just people with opinions and feel the need to excite, incite and make them selves a name (some, not all). that's it for now Thanks.
artimusstone artimusstone
46-50, M
Dec 11, 2012