A good loving mother.Now here is another gem in Philippines. Lynlyndiodoco a mother in Antipolo city, Manila.  She has children, 4 children to care for. 2 her own and 2 nephews. S Bubbles, Bangarai, Bistomas and Belindarentum. She lives in the city boundary and peels Pineapples with her teeth to make ends meet. She says this when i questioned her to make sure i got the facts right- "A lot Q huh...anyway they christian jay,cyril john,cyrus josh,jeric kurt that bubles...i am single mom at live in manila together may brother hi$ name erwin." Its so darn hot over there and she gets very shag ged. Now that the ozone is being shreded by constant chemical aerosol spraying, the sun is becming unbearable all over the planet and especially so in equatorial areas . Lynly would like good husband if anyone looking for top notch motherly wife.
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
Aug 21, 2014