I Am Seeing Dimensions....am I?

Few days ago I was laying in my bed at night, I have street lights outside my apartment so I was staring at the wall on top of my bed, I saw a women doing groceries and pushing a trolley , I was taken a back, I rubbed my eyes it was still there.I tried to look outside and saw what I could not believe - a family of muppets....I know sounds kinda crazy but I did see. They were conversing and talking but I could not hear them. It was like a whole story is going on.

I thought I was gong mad so I called my bf and asked him to see what I see and he jumped when he saw and freaked out. Then he just shut the curtains next morning we looked and there was nothing?

I do lead a spiritual life and no drugs!


Any help!

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Ok so when I was ten years old u went on a car trip with my family I looked out the window and saw a large white can crashed into a tree. Nobody was helping my family didn't see it and it had smoke rising from it then we passed it and I looked back and it was gone

Hi my husband is seeing people walking & talking in the yard also in the house ,trust me, I though he is crazy but he is not. we are very confused.WE are very spiritual. Some said to us he is seeing people from another dimensions. Doctors thinks his part of his brain respond.I am having a hard time dealing with this.

I know this thread is kind of dated, but I've experienced the same thing as the first two that posted here. For a period of 5-6 days, I have experienced a visually "ghosted-back" or a "percentage" of another reality in that this alternate reality, dimension or timeline was not opaque. For example, it wold vary from like 1% to 8% in which realities where "see-through". My experienced realities were not only visible, but I was able to hear, smell and feel to the same percentage. As this visible reality got more intense in opacity, so did it's sounds, smells, and physical feel. At one moment the "visions" (with increasing sounds) became very opaque, and I thought the reality was going to come right through my bedroom wall!

Possibly there was a slight overlapping of timelines / dimensions where a small percentage of that dimension was in my space and a small percentage of my space was in the that dimension?? It seemed that these realities where occurring in thin air, but easily noticeable to the eye when viewed against a neutral or non-busy background. I still don't know what I experienced. Was it another timeline occurring at the same time I was experiencing it, or was it a another timeline from the past or future and/or was it from the same physical area or from other regions of the earth or not the earth at all? If they where other dimensions at all! That I will never know.

All experiences where secular in nature and it wasn't scary. I won't go into the content of my experiences because it was just ordinary stuff. All my experiences where of humans that looked and dressed like me and you. Some where culturally different but still human. It was like watching a movie or looking out the window which was something I could not control. Some of these "scenes" repeated themselves which was strange. They would loop over and over again. At night or in the dark, these realities where much brighter and easier to see.

What I was most afraid of, was if there was any sort of radiation involved with my experiences or was it physically dangerous in any way? If this ever happens to me again, I will take some photos or videos and hopefully they will come out.

thanks !

I have never been into the occult or any such thing. I'll share the short version of my experience. One night I went outside to smoke a cigarette (no lectures). I don't meditate or try to bring anything like this on. As I looked to my left down the alley (I live in apartments and the driveway was quiet, no one was outside that night) It was around 5 a.m. and I was having insomnia. I looked to my left and then just as I was bringing my head to the straight forward position again, before I could get it there I heard a loud bang right beside me and was sure I was getting attacked by someone. This all happened quicker than I can even write this. Startled, I glanced to my right and no one was there but before I could worry about what the noise was, I saw something that amazes and confuses me to this day. On the building across the alley there was a city scene, like downtown New York or something. I had no sort of evil or weird feeling while watching this go on. I could see the street lights and people walking. The scene took up only one little "splice" of the building. It was only appearing in one section and was the full length of the building. Then it was gone. I wasn't scared, just amazed at what I had seen. I do not drink or do drugs and was totally straight when this happened. I had not been drinking or hung over or anything like that.....it was just there and then gone. I don't tell anyone this except a close few, some of who believed me and some who thought there may be something wrong with my eyes or brain. The weird thing, I had just had a total eye exam the week before. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. One person said I was seeing into another dimension. One said I may be experiencing what someone in the city was at that time and was actually being mugged. The bang on my right side was weird also, I was convinced someone was right beside me, plus, it got me to turn my eyes that direction and see the scene. The scene I saw was real. I didn't dream this or imagine it. I've had one more experience since this one, but this was the first and the other was 8 months later in a totally different area and I saw something totally different. What do you think? Could I possibly be seeing into another dimension? How could this be happening?

Sounds like my experience but mine lasted for almost a week. Mine started and ended gradually with varying intensities of solidness. Its funny because I use the word \"scene\" as well because it\'s uncontrollable. It just happens like you\'re watching a movie. I have a couple of questions, please:

Is there a city like the one in your scene in close proximity to you?

When looking at the city scene, what time period was it? Could you tell by the style of clothes or cars?

What is your gut reaction. Do think this was a scene of the past? Future? Or not from this planet?

Was it in color and what percentage of solidnes/opaqueness was the scene? I know with low levels of opacity/solidness, colors are hard to make out.

Was the scene on the apartment building to scale? Did it look like full size? Was the scene\'s street level at the same height as your ground level. Some of my scences were smaller than life size and some were larger. After a while, I started to realize that I wasn\'t seeing scences on a wall or nuetral background- whatever I was seeing was actually in mid-air in3D but were only noticable against a nuetral background.

My experience has also confused me to this day. I think my best theory to date is that time is like gift wrapping ribbon. Not a straight line. It buckles and sometimes it buckles onto itself and touches.

Yes it sounds like you were viewing other worlds that seem to slip into this plane. Like child when the child is in walks in the woods then comes back out only to appear in the future, but they go back the same way they came and seem to end up back in their time period. At least there has been stories like that before lol. <br />
<br />
I feel you were looking into another world that slip into this plane really it happens and sometimes could also been supernatural incidents that made it that way but it seems well the planes seem to correct themselves at least that's just an idea.

the past two days i have been seeing dimensions and feeling like my whole body and brain is vibrating- i was just went outside and i felt like something was very weird looking at the night sky and it looks like it is so close and there was a dragon with wings shooting an arrow at another anima that i cant i cant remember well. then i kinda snapped out of it and turned towards the door and the two trees by my door were literally jumping through their normal space and breathing over me. i felt like i had a connection with the tree- it was so damn bizarre. like i wasnt scared.....but this has never hapened before so i went inside because i thought there might be an earthquake somwhere or the gravity feild was intensifying. i dont have any 3-D technology, but its liek i can see the air, i can see vibrations in the air too- like power lines that have mirrors of themselves.....and weird random things like half terridacle half man on a stone aged looking machines, going about their ways on and bizarre visions of moving air and breathing things are increasing. i have a red purse and the handles are each giving rainbow colored echoes right now. i feel that something very odd is happening in the universe-is it ust me?. i also question the weird vortex sound that im hearing, and this sounds crazy, but it sounds exactly like the sound a UFO would make. ive been praying a lot lately and have been truly girieved over the evil in our world.... and this is when these visions first started. ive sense purity spiritually, so do you think it is possible that these are being caused by a spiritual enlightening, or something in the air, or me having had the tv on all day and this is just me projecting a memory on it? it is bizarre and very unusual and i know it sounds like it, but i do not do drugs. i have a degree in psych..... yet cannot imagine what this is

maybe you have a genuine ability to see levels of matter and existence that are not available to the average person.

God has also let me see in different dimensions. He showed me the "real" people behind the people I thought I knew (demons). He revealed to me so much knowleged about the times we are living in and the demonic forces in the earth, mind control, cults, and on and on. The plans that the enemy has are extreme, but God gets all the glory through Jesus Christ, who is soon to return!

what did he tell you ......have you ever written about it or recorded your experiences ?

Muppets ??? lol As in like the Muppet babies or like Sesame Street ? lol ....I am beyond open minded but this is just ...hard to understand. Your boyfriend saw them too? what did he say they looked like? Kemit & Piggy? lol im being silly but no seriously its one thing you seeing them and another your boyfriend is too.

I'm curious if a dimension is a part of this earth or outer space? Any answers?

You know this same thing happened to me in 1975 but it wasn't the muppets they were Disney characters in an animated amusement park. . Cartoon Ferris wheels roller coasters may poles very very colorful. . What seemed like minutes turned out to be hours. I was looking out a 2nd story window onto a rainy dreary street. I looked over to my wife who was sleeping to make sure I wasn't dreaming and when I looked down again they were all dancing and playing. I wasn;t dreaming because I remember going to bed.So help me this is a true story. Ive been in many Dimensions in my life; Some with witnesses,

no help frm me but tht sounds pretty strange