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well it started off when i was probably no more than 6 or 7 years old so my experience would be pretty hazy by now considering i am 25 years old now. but as a child my parents told me i was in these transe like states almost constantly and the weird thing is when i would be in those trances they called them i remember climbing through maybe our old fireplace or a wall..well it was something and i'd be in a totally different place..like as if it was dark alley almost underground. i used to go through there and come visit this beautiful woman with blonde hair and she used to talk to me all the time about anything and everything.and obviously when i'd go to leave i used to go the same way i came..basically through this portal and one time i tried taking another route and wound up somewhere completely different..it sort of looked like an area from edward sissorhands lol..i know it sounds alil crazy but that was my experience...didnt think anything of it until i saw this site and read some stories kind of similar to mine.
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I have never been into the occult or any such thing. I'll share the short version of my experience. One night I went outside to smoke a cigarette (no lectures). I don't meditate or try to bring anything like this on. As I looked to my left down the alley (I live in apartments and the driveway was quiet, no one was outside that night) It was around 5 a.m. and I was having insomnia. I looked to my left and then just as I was bringing my head to the straight forward position again, before I could get it there I heard a loud bang right beside me and was sure I was getting attacked by someone. This all happened quicker than I can even write this. Startled, I glanced to my right and no one was there but before I could worry about what the noise was, I saw something that amazes and confuses me to this day. On the building across the alley there was a city scene, like downtown New York or something. I had no sort of evil or weird feeling while watching this go on. I could see the street lights and people walking. The scene took up only one little "splice" of the building. It was only appearing in one section and was the full length of the building. Then it was gone. I wasn't scared, just amazed at what I had seen. I do not drink or do drugs and was totally straight when this happened. I had not been drinking or hung over or anything like that.....it was just there and then gone. I don't tell anyone this except a close few, some of who believed me and some who thought there may be something wrong with my eyes or brain. The weird thing, I had just had a total eye exam the week before. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. One person said I was seeing into another dimension. One said I may be experiencing what someone in the city was at that time and was actually being mugged. The bang on my right side was weird also, I was convinced someone was right beside me, plus, it got me to turn my eyes that direction and see the scene. The scene I saw was real. I didn't dream this or imagine it. I've had one more experience since this one, but this was the first and the other was 8 months later in a totally different area and I saw something totally different. What do you think? Could I possibly be seeing into another dimension? How could this be happening?

u had th ability to travel through the dimensions u probley blocked it out as a child telling yourself it wasnt real....such a shame...everyone has the ability just av to train to use your other visions again..your side eyes still wow wat a expiriance x