Scariest Night Of My Life...

I know this post isn't going to matter to most of you, especially to those who haven't read any of my other posts. In fact, I don't even know why I'm writing this...I guess I just sort of felt like I had to tell somebody, so...yeah.

Back when I was in 10th grade, I met a freshman named Tanner. He looked like an average kid, but yet...I felt alert around him. I never felt right around him, even when I tried to be his friend. Sure, he seemed normal, but the look in his reminded me of evil. Yeah, I know, that sounds like an exaggeration, but seriously, don't judge the description unless you've actually met him.

I later found out he know about the Involvement, the thing that Maya and I were Involved with--you know, beings not from this world, dreams that are visions that come true, wishes that come true, all that fun stuff. He knew about it too; in fact, he knew way more than we did (then again, this had only been our second year of knowing, and most of the first year we had been skeptical). He was powerful, and he wasn't afraid to let his energy, his aura, out as far as it would go at times. Yet despite his ego, he wasn't really's hard to explain.

The more I hung around him, the worse that feeling of danger got. I later learned that he was both sadistic and masochistic (which a few people on the side against evil are as well, but...I dunno, I just can't explain how this guy was worse...). He wasn't afraid to kill his enemies nor his allies--he would do anything and everything to reach his goals. He was always searching for power and chaos.

Around the middle of the school year, I had a dream where I was fighting Daskar (I've talked about him in a few prior posts and he doesn't really have any relevence to this post other than the dream). I was doing quite well. In fact, I was even on the verge of defeating the scoundrel. I was excited--his tyranny would finally end. But right as I prepared to deliver the finishing slash with my katana, I saw a shadow drop down and block the sword, catching it and breaking it. I took a closer look; it was Tanner, but taller and more muscular.

"What..." I started saying.

"I'm your opponent now."

Daskar made his escape, grinning at Tanner who was grinning maliciously at me. And then, he started transforming.

Despite the similarity in appearance, I can't call what he turned into a lycan or a werewolf. Something seemed different, something (though subtle) that separated him from being called either. But it's the closest way to describe what he looked like. We fought long and hard, and I was beings pushed back each time he hit my broken sword. At one point, Daskar returned and tried to attack me from behind. I manahed to cut his arm as I spun around, but before I could turn my attention back to Tanner, I felt something like fire go across my back between the shoulder blades.

I yelled out in the dream (what? It freaking hurt...) and fell to my knees. I tried to stand as Tanner and Daskar ran off, but I woke up at that time because of the same pain I had felt in the dream. When I got up and looked in the mirror, I saw nothing out of the ordinary, but I felt...different. A week after that, whenever I looked in the mirror, I would see chains around me without actually seeing the chains.

When I talked to Maya the next day, she said there was some violet design on my back, between the shoulder blades. It was a spiral of symbols, with four large symbols where corners would be if a square surrounded the spiral. Neither of us knew what it was, but Maya said, "I think...I think it feels like a curse."

I avoided Tanner during my junior year, and in my senior year he approached me and said, "Pain doesn't affect me." I proved him wrong on the last day of school.

I haven't seen him nor heard from him since. Between then and now, a knowledgable friend of mine broke the curse. I felt the chains break and fall off, and my energy expanded so greatly, even my friend took a step back. I felt free, and I felt happy.

However, last night, something happened.

I was in a hotel room alone, enjoying a break from daily life. I was heading to the sink to brush my teeth when an immense fear took hold of me. I stopped moving--I was literally frozen in fear. The room seemed to darken a bit, but it didn't feel like a demon. Not even close. And when I closed my eyes, I saw him. Tanner. He had gotten much stronger than I would have ever believed possible, and he was smirking that evil smirk of his. It was like he was saying, "Hello," while also issuing a challenge. I fought to get the vision out of my head, and eventually, Tanner and the vision and the feeling of fear left.

All the people I have met who are also Involved could easily kill me. I admit that, and I acknowledge it. But I trust them. I know that, even though they can, they won't. I just have a feeling they won't. But with Tanner...

I have fought three demons, two of which were not weak, but not strong either (the third was weak.) I have faced off against enemies that could have ended my life both in the vision and in this world just by killing me in the vision, had they succeeded in doing so. Yet none of that scares me. None of it.

But Tanner scares the living crap out of me. I prefer standing in front of and preparing to fight a thousand strong demons rather than be within 100 yards of Tanner.

I know. I sound like I wimp. This post just makes me look pathetic. But like I said...I had to tell somebody. Because I've got a feeling things are going to get interesting soon. You know?
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talk to the gate keeper about the key master, gives great advice on slain demons, strong or week, does not matter, this guy knows his ****. As for tanner, you must do this in the real realm/world , sneak into were ever he lives "dungeon or wherever" wait till he's asleep, and take the claw end of a hammer repeatedly to his skull for 15 to 20 mins. No more visits from tanner. dream in peace, no need for thanking me, just happy to help.

my last comment was a joke, loved your story/experiance, read it a few times. thanks for sharing. Hope you figure it out.<br />
<br />
Your experiences in the Astral seem similar to mine.<br />
<br />
Please check out the above story, and let me know if it resonates with you.<br />
<br />
P.S. You can "die" on the Astral without dying in real life. You can even repair your Astral bodies. They have orbs they can put in your Chakras when your down to block you from effective psychic work.. But even that doesn't kill you, it makes you totally vulnerable to negative energy. You will then suffer waves of disease, doubt, hostility from others, self hatred, and demonic possession until you DO die, or want to.<br />
<br />
It does not benefit demons to kill you outright. Leaves them nothing to feed on and they can't use you as a "disease vector" to spread negative energy.

When (and if) you add me as well, I have something to tell you in PM regarding what you wrote in your comment. Thanks again!

I assume you are talking to me?

I think it may have been meant for aqua...i'm not be honest, I don't even fully remember writing that comment lol!

yes, that is very true. they would rather keep you alive as long as possible, torment, suffer, fear and you believing in them is what they feed off .

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Dreams can be connected to other worlds. Tanner could be a demon well his soul at least. Or something else like a werewolf maybe.<br />
<br />
Anyways Tanner sounds like a guy that needs a over do spanking. Someone that needs help but that would be up to him as in choice. But it's possible. Good luck with whatever may come your way.

huh thats interesting. Oddly I havn't had many battles for a long time. I am not sure why but so far they seem to leave me alone. However I am at a part in my life where I am focused on learning n stuff. I am taking physics atm. Kinda strange though for some one who studies physics to have experienced all this but on the other hand you would be surprised how many do and then there are those who don't talk about it. <br />
<br />
Just a question though. I have had very interesting dreams and strange memories that I am not sure are real. Have you ever had dreams or strange memories that you feel are connected to this realm or are dreams for the most part not connected to it. <br />
<br />
I want to say that some how some dreams are connected to other realms but I am not positive and wanted to hear your opinion about it.<br />
<br />
To be honest I am searching for deeper understanding of all the strange experiences I have had in my life.

Yes, I know what you mean. I just read it and well I have a coupled of things to say but in pm or private chat :)