The Fourth Dimensions

When I lived with my dad and step mom, my step mom would just make me lay in my bed when she was sick of looking after me. I remember spending all day sometimes, forced to stay in my room. I couldn't leave, not even for bathroom breaks :( But, during a time like this, any young child knows they have to entertain themselves somehow. So I closed my eyes, concentrated, and stared at the colors and figures I saw. I would see squares, circles and triangles, mostly in greens and purples, and I would often see birds in a soft, glowy white or light purple. If I concentarted hard and was completely relaxed, I would experience a feeling like going through a tunnel. Random blobs of purple and green would whiz past me on both sides, and at the end, I would be in a space that looked as if I was staring up at a starry sky.

Recently, I was looking online how to open my third eye (I now know my third eye has been open since birth) and I found a list of signs so you know you've actually opened your third eye. It said things like shapes, random colors, mostly green, purple, and blue, and I might even experience a starry sky, a place called the Fourth Dimension. It was then that I understood I had been unknowingly travelling to another dimension my entire life.
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can you post the links for knowing your third eye is open or how to do it ?

or print them online.........i have been trying too........thanks...

on youtube type in thespiritualcatalyst , how to activate and open your third eye.. the speaker is teal scott, she explains things very well, tried to send the link but the site would not let me, hope this helps

thank you, i will check her out.....

i get "info" sometimes through introspection and inspiration (blessings of the fourth being recognized in third) ... and some of the info suggests that the fourth is about the mind.. the imagination and the revelation..the realm of creativity and manifestation of truth or illusion ... how the brain interprets the information that comes through our minds from the fourth dimension is what's interesting.. on a subtle level we may have a dream on a more profound level a hallucination or a vision... remember some hallucinations are caused by fears and preconceptions other hallucinations are caused by an accurate translation of some truth in the fourth dimension...the brain will produce the physical mirage (vision) that matches the known information about that which is hidden in the third but available to our minds in the fourth . our minds are not limited by physical matter the brain is the interpreter of the messages. what made me think of this is one of the psychic experiences i had in my teens when i played a game of "concentration" with my mother..its a card game where you place the deck of cards spread out and facing down on the table, the objective of the game is to turn over two cards and if they match you get another turn if you get two 7's you go again if you get an 8 and a 5 next its the next persons turn..the point is to see who has the most pairs at the end of the game and that person is the winner... now one time i was playing this with my mother and we had started a new game and i was first to go, when i looked at the cards on the table i noticed that two of them appeared to be raised above the rest and slightly brighter in colour than the others.. curious by this i turned them over and they were pairs.. when i looked at the cards again another two were popping out, i flipped them over and they were also pairs..and so on and so on for that entire it seems that the mind can get information inperceiveable by the 3d sensory systems of our 3d bodies by venturing into the fourth dimension and then the mind can bring back the information acquired into the 3d brain and cause it to produce a hallucination that coincides with the knowledge gathered.

Fourth dimension is free from time and space that are essential in our three dimensional world. You are on the right track by exercising the concentration. This will help in opening of the third eye. For the entry into the fourth dimension, you need to exercise in the manner below:
Relax-it is best to lie down with no metal objects on your body
Reduce the brain frequency (concentrate on nothing else but seeing your mind and body completely relaxed. We need to avoid fast thinking)
Imagine having reached a stage between the states of being awake and sleep
With your eyes closed, concentrate on the middle of your eyebrows and imagine you are watching through there
Imagine yourself projected into any place with the ability to move, fly etc. without bounds of time

Exercises like this will help.

Iv been to the fourth dimension it's a dark sky with bright stars iv also seen clouds floating past it's just like looking up at our night sky :) xxx

I forgot to add though the sky is bigger and a lot like been in space but other than that it's just like looking at our night sky xx

I have never been into the occult or any such thing. I'll share the short version of my experience. One night I went outside to smoke a cigarette (no lectures). I don't meditate or try to bring anything like this on. As I looked to my left down the alley (I live in apartments and the driveway was quiet, no one was outside that night) It was around 5 a.m. and I was having insomnia. I looked to my left and then just as I was bringing my head to the straight forward position again, before I could get it there I heard a loud bang right beside me and was sure I was getting attacked by someone. This all happened quicker than I can even write this. Startled, I glanced to my right and no one was there but before I could worry about what the noise was, I saw something that amazes and confuses me to this day. On the building across the alley there was a city scene, like downtown New York or something. I had no sort of evil or weird feeling while watching this go on. I could see the street lights and people walking. The scene took up only one little "splice" of the building. It was only appearing in one section and was the full length of the building. Then it was gone. I wasn't scared, just amazed at what I had seen. I do not drink or do drugs and was totally straight when this happened. I had not been drinking or hung over or anything like was just there and then gone. I don't tell anyone this except a close few, some of who believed me and some who thought there may be something wrong with my eyes or brain. The weird thing, I had just had a total eye exam the week before. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. One person said I was seeing into another dimension. One said I may be experiencing what someone in the city was at that time and was actually being mugged. The bang on my right side was weird also, I was convinced someone was right beside me, plus, it got me to turn my eyes that direction and see the scene. The scene I saw was real. I didn't dream this or imagine it. I've had one more experience since this one, but this was the first and the other was 8 months later in a totally different area and I saw something totally different. What do you think? Could I possibly be seeing into another dimension? How could this be happening?

Your post sounds interesting. I would just let you know that first dimension consists of single points in space. Second dimension are lines in space. The third dimension is the 3-dimensional world we live in. The fourth dimension consists of the three dimensions, but with the variable time factored in.<br />
<br />
Now the theoretical dimensions ranging from dimensions 5 through 11 are the ones believed to be curled up on the subatomic level. This is the mathematical way of thinking about it. I guess you can perceive any senses that don't include any of our five normal senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing, and vision to be thought of as the third eye being opened up. I believe you about your third eye opening up. I think mine has opened from time to time b/c I've seen some weird **** quite vividly lol.

I believe what you say about time, but in the 4th can't you also see an entire object at once ? In other words, in our world, you can see half a box, in the 4th you could see the interior and all the way through it as well.......I was taught that once. . ....

i think so my experience.. the mind can go out and look under things into things etc.. then send that info back to the brain where its interpreted..sometimes creating a vision in the minds eye or seemingly manifested in the physical