The Centre Of The Universe The Reel Of Parrallel Dimensions.

Ok well till rufly 6 mnths ago there were a few hundred dimensions which were accessable in he centre of the univers. I am not sure if i am the only one to have been there..? its a white space and theres a circle of shadowy lines around you, you go up to one pull it to the side and you can see in and entre if u wish.. Each dimension ( i call realms ) has good and evil balls of energy with souls living within either in complete joy wich is blue for good or in evil for red wiith no wonder constant pain and constant fighting. there were a few with worlds like ours usually no more than 5 worlds in a realm all separated by barriers of matter so planets cant conect with one another hence no chance of planetary wars to preserve freedom. This dimension we live in is exactly opposite on the reel to the hell dimension.. 6 mnths ago this all collapsed in an now in this one and only dimension we have earth, heaven and hell. Both heaven and hell are now forever once you die you go to either, were you deserve to go and remain there forever, God had mercy for evil as forever suffering in hell just isnt right and no one could say not even god himself that a soul deserved such a punishment even for the most hanoise of crimes but salvation on this world wich god gave in mercy to the good people here which an angel begged god for even out of her ( angel ) own perral.. Salvation was lost as god living here on earth among us experienced to much suffering and thats when all the dimensions shut down with all good in oher realms goin to the now complete heaven in this realm and all evil to there forever doom in hell!! Dont worry none relligouse people if you are evil and doomed you would know for a fact they all do i promise!!!!! I hope you have enjoyed this enlightning factual segment.. YOU NOW KNOW WHATS OUT THERE MY FRIENDS....
wonderboy111211 wonderboy111211
22-25, M
Apr 1, 2012