This dream i had last night i was looking into a mirror and seeing another dimension full of people who all looked alike. Black cloaks with nothing else on, white hair, covered in blood and all moving in the same motion. I turned around and this man dressed in black pushed me through the mirror and i entered the other dimension... I looked around and tried talking to someone but no one seemed interested. I walked up to a man and said "Hello. My name is Antiontte. Where am I?" And he replied " You are who he wants you to be." Then walked away.. Then i walked up to a door and when i opened it i saw my sister staring at a small tv that wasnt playing anything. I started crying and ran up to her but she had no reaction. Just kept staring at the blank tv. Then the lights went out and the tv turned on to a fuzzy screen. I looked around the room and saw another man standing in the corner. I asked Amanda who he was and she said " He's your follower. He's been following you for a long time now." I don't remember what happened after that.... But the last i saw of the dream was him staring at me in the dark room.
AnniDarling AnniDarling
May 6, 2012