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I Discovered There's A Portal In My House.

OK, I'm seriously freaking out. I believe in this stuff, but what happened over the weekend has fractured my reality! I believe there are ghosts, entities, demons, & aliens. I kinda always thought the possiblity of ever actually SEEING one was like the odds of hitting the lottery- like one in a million. Scroll foward to this past weekend- I had my family over for my birthday. I got a camera for a present.We went to crash in the TV room as we approached the door and turned the knob, it wouldn't open! 2 people pushed as hard as they could while turning the doorknob and the door was locked or barricaded from inside! No one was in there and there is only one way in & out! I jokingly said "please let us in, it's my birthday", turned the handle and the door opened no problem!!! After that we were all taking turns taking pics and passing the camera back and forth. All of a sudden my daughter gets this scared, creeped out look on her face as she is scrolling thru the pics we had taken..... Then she says, "I don't know if I should show you guys this." Of course we wanted to see it then- And it CLEARLY showed a grey crouching behind a headboard. then a second one was in another pic, across the room. I then thought it must be some kind of joke camera, it turned out it's not- It's a regular digital camera.
Now I feel like I entered the twilight zone, we took the camera the next day & took pics all over a nearby town that has houses built in the 1700's the camera caught a pic of a freakin demon in one house! When we got back to my house we took pics all over & turns out my house is infested with creatures! All inside HUGE orbs that all look the same with defined edges & beings inside them- this is no grainy, static type thing, you can even make out the flash hitting and reflecting off eyes and the shadows follow the curve of the eyes, cheeks, etc.
some have black huge eyes (the greys) and there is a totally different one that looks like a cross between an insect and a reptile- with YELLOW eyes, and fangs! we took 3 pics in a row, in one he is yawning or hissing (that's the one where you can see his fangs!), the next he's got his mouth closed, and the third he moved his head a little to the side and he has one eye squinting! He's freaking squinting like the light of the flash is irritating him-You can see expressions!,scales, ridges for eyebrows, pupils in both eyes in all pics and clearly defined teeth with fangs!
So, now I'm afraid to BE in my own house, every little noise I hear, I jump. I would love to talk to others who have any experience with this or similar things, it's not like I can call an exterminator out of the yellow pages! How do I get rid of them? I don't even know if i should even try and communicate with them? I don't want to open pandoras box.
I feel violated, like they can just come and go as they please in MY house?!?! I have no idea how long they have been here. There has always been what i had THOUGHT was ghostly activity- I think I'd rather it be ghosts.
Frazzill Frazzill 46-50, F 37 Responses May 16, 2012

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Could you please share pictures?

Could you please share pics? I would love to see them.

Could you send me pics? That would be awesome

I also have a sight of seeing the unseen and right now I would give anything to go to other dimensions then been stuck in this dimension. You might see the bad but look with in the light and what you see might blow your mind.

Get the hell out that house!

You shouldn't get rid of anything in that house except for the demons. Try to learn more about things like this. If you are lucky enough, you should ask professional scientists to look at it. You would be contributing to proof that things like that do exist.

they are demons, dont communicate wth them period, if ur christian its a blasphemy to do so anyways, and youll likely have had to been saved again since ur post, if not then u should and refind ur faith along with ur family, if ur like me its hard to say if my faith alne is strong enough to rid them, especially after communicating and debating with them, and no one else lives here with me so i find it had to ignore the constant barrage without responding back and thus eventually into full dialouge. i was safed anew but it takes a ministry of bakcing to rid them... And thats all one can do, is beat gem with faith spirituality and the power it brings forth. if u communicate, keep in mind they are in a strategic position of a war they are prepared to commence, and you are not. They have gotten a foothold through you and likely had been present without ur knowlege for a while before they made it a calculated part of their plan to let themselves be seen by you. and yes they have an agenda and its about things u and i dont understand, but it is mostly an agenda about "you". if u communicated with them, know that they know everything about you, and have been inside your eyes, ears, and thoughts for long enough to know what cracks are available to chip away at. they will know all secrets, all fears, all desires that you think are held privately, and you know nothing about them nor can you know how they think. remeber these points, demons will not tell you the truth, ever,,,,, ever. they have a plan for you and are in the process of executing it. what you see is not what you are contending against but a facade that they have derived for you to see and be comfortable with, expect manipulation of truths, misrepresentations of their existence, orgins, their current situation, any scenario they receL to you, no matter how much u want to believe something to make sense of it,,, every thing they do is directed at laying out a false presentation in which they want you to follow, whether to deceive you from their true intent, or to eventually use you at some point to assist them and trick you into doing something you otherwise would never contemlate if the truth be known... as demons they donnot have the charcteristics within their dna that we do as humans,,, their is no morality, no humanity, empathy etc, they dont know what love is , they may put on a face that resembles the types of qualities we as humans share but we are very different and our inherent goodness is preyed upon and can and will be used against u, ur goodness, compasssion, empathy, sypathetic feelings will be subject to the well reheearsed lies, deceit, manipuilations, that we cant fathom the reason for its pursuance. They will lure u into debAte about everything that you and your mrL fabric reoies on as its foundation, they will tell u contradictions to ur faith, they want u to question ur faith, if even so slightly, then they have just gained a foothold to leverage against you and will attack with more lies and caus econfusion within you as to even why they woukd be there making no sense,,, yet they are and ur at risk,,, they know all of you , have likely been part of if not fully controlled descions in ur life that ud otherwise not have mae if the old you was intact. they are demensional to an extent but dont be fooled they know how to use the deminsion and how to navigate it in their best interests,,, and you do not. dont be fooled by how quaint they may seem and how harmlessis they are,,, what ur seeing are manifestations that the want to put before you,, use mirtors, filters, and u may glimpse the real thing and i asssure you,,, ud not have wanted to have photo day at the house,,, i havemt had much of a life for several monhs and i have lost my sense of privacy, private thought, freedom..... and the likelyjood that i will never feel secure in thought again is disheartening when a future that i was hoping for. i was not a religious person that went to any church, but i wish i had been as its made a beliver of me, and scared of what my wretchedness might have cost me in life eternal.... ive been saved again, and ive delved into the history of life and God and devils and demons that existed well before The bible..... and from my eyes bearing witnes on things that before would be unimaginable and laughable if mentioned.... im one now that has no hesitation to say that atheism is the work darksided forces and is the roman catholic church is the light and the beacon. god bless you andvanyone who helps you and i hope ur not a victim anylonger.... i write this with the mockery of their words sounding in my ears as i try to block it out and give you or anyone else that reads this worthwhile thoughts from my own unconcluded experience..... they are tricksters decievers manipulators devils demons monsters and not aliens with big eyes, they are demons, always have been. Find your spirituality and surronund urself with it, and dont try to take them on alone,,, they are prepared for you, they know what your plan is the moment u think it.... they know ur sins, they know ur weaknesses... they will humiliate you if challenge them head on and ur faith isnt strong enough to turn them away, they can not hurt you,,, but can drive you to hurt urself, betray urself, and use ur own activities against you to disparage you, emabarrass you, etc... dont be afraid as they cannot hurt you when you own up to every aspect of life without the need for secrecies , nor fears, i have gotten along 6months of daily barrages of Attacks, pschological attack, spiritual attack, semi-physical attacks, whereas i am noy completely within their physical realm and they are only holgraam like images within mine where i cannot physically hurt them by swi ging bats, golf clubs, or fists offury.... but a crucifix they are stopped dead in their trax and fall away,,,,, sounds very vampire silly but its a fact i cannot dismiss nor willl i ever try to.... ghey know the power of the crosss and they fear it, it makes them uncomfortable, and unable to act through u pntil its removed frm their presence,,,, and im not a perfect discip,e, and ive learned prayers that i forgot, psalms 91, 23, etc etc,,, they do not like it at all,,,,,... i also have them with me as i drive and have driven right into a church parkinglot whete they would depart to the outskirts and get perturbed.... they immediatly got back on my car in as i left but was a short relief and i know i can have a sancutary.... they have hijackd all my computers, phones, passwords and can control my electronics at time to shut down my music if they deem it necessary... i play loud tecno beats and that scrambles their brains as well as so e bi Ural frequencies,,, but i found those are sometimes a misleading tool that invites more into your existence,,, so look up what type of frequencies do what,,, and see how they react.... oj hotta go find my cat,, he is about to be killed again today which is a leverage they use wgainst me that i cant ignore....

Look into astral projection there are no bad spirits only good spirits

I know people are lead to believe that reptilian's are aliens, but what was the snake in the garden of eden? Satan disguised as a reptile. I believe you do walk in the light, and that is why they are attracted to you. You must be a light worker that they want to stop. You might think they are leaving you alone. You must do what your comfortable with, but if it was me, I would be ridding them from my premises then find out what my path is. You are obviously here to help other. Allow yourself to discover you purpose here........sending love :-))

I'm sorry to say, what you have there are demons. They won't make you better. They've been making you sick, & will make you sicker. Ask God immediately to watch your back & to walk before you so that nothing can come against you. Demons come in numbers(never forget that). Attempting to rid them on your own is dangerous. Always have other people with you, as there is power in numbers. Trust me when I say sage or incense won't cut it. Only by calling in on God, Jesus & Arc Angel Micheal will you rid them. We are mere humans & cannot rid demons on our own. Aliens with fangs..........really?????? These are not earth bound entities. Find the portal close it & get rid of them. Don't risk yourself & family. Walk with God & you'll walk in the light. Remember demons are master deceives. Sending love

i do walk w God, i certainly don't want anything to do w demons. One looked like a reptilian and those are a type of alien, the greys are classic alien. I ignored them, and that seems to have worked. If things got bad I would call in a professional.

you just need to get some white sage and cleanse the house and they wont like the smell and leave. Like I said in the Private message I sent you. God has nothing to do with it.

Freaking bizarre.... got to see those pics (if you don't mind).

This may be easy for me to say, but don't be intimidated by them...there are people online that will seriously investigate if you wish.....I had an experience painting the stairs up in an old houses attic, waiting for my boss at the time to come back with more paint. I was feeling like someone was right next to my face starring at me! Plus, not a smilly face scary stare...I held my ground and continue painting down those stairs with goose bumps....So now my boss comes back with paint and before I could tell him what I had experienced, he said to me, "Let's get this job done, this house is haunted" I freaked and said, holy ****!

If you live in California my team would love to document this. Please contact us

Pics please. Nau!

i do have a pic. friend me and email me for it.

na, it's ok, I was just being funny. Glaucoma's a *****, or I'd hint at some online sharing picture site like tumblr or flickr...

I am so envious of you! I do believe, but I've never seen anything like that.

I thought It would be cool, but it's creepy on many levels. But I guess it's kinda cool even with the creep factor. I just found out that all awakened people were awakened by them and everyone who is awakened was abducted, even if they don't remember. If you really want to experience them just ASK them, call them with your mind. But be prepared for them to show up! They love people who want to interact with them.

This is very interesting... although its hard for me to believe that the mere desire for interaction on my behalf (for example) would be enough to initiate contact. I don't doubt the phenomenon exists... I would just always skeptical that it would be exactly as it would like to appear... not because I feel all such things must be evil (I'm not of a Christian bent) but the capacity of being that exist primarily in higher dimensions (possibly the astral plane) to taylor their physical manifestation to suit their agenda is a process inherently ripe for deception... (not that this is necessarily the agenda in any case but how would you know?)


Sounds like your a pretty gifted person to at least see this,Things in life happen for a reason well what ever you do don't get agitated or upset and inpatient even if its hard...My mom always taught me to be nice to the "Beings" I have many experiences with them too not really what you explained but more say ghost and spirits people you know? Well What you do is go the room you said and Don't be afraid they can sense that, and ask them nicely repeatedly to leave or to go where they dwell and came from ask them if you can please have your own peace and do what you please..And they should at least lighten up on you.

yeah, u r on the right track. I am curious as to why I am of interest to them. But I don't like the sneakiness factor. I guess I'll find out one day

I don't get upset, i figure one day i will find out the why

i tried to respond, this thing won't print it

As a child I lived in a house that was built in 1899 and it was originally a hotel. When we lived there in upstate NY (the house was huge) we all felt that there were entities there. Strange things happened everyday and you felt as if they wanted to kill you all the time. Plus you were always being watched. That felt so uncomfortable. You knew you were never alone.

Anyway in the summer of 2000, God told me that there are no such things as ghosts. People do not die and get lost between dimensions. Hebrews 29:11 says "For you die only once and then there is judgment."

Jesus never set free a ghost, but he set many many people free from DEMONS, not ghosts. God told my understanding that in our old house, they were demons, lots and lots of demons.

Anyway you can pray them out in the name of Jesus..... You walk around your house with a cross or crusifix and say starting in the name of Jesus and saying the name of Jesus often, like this.

In the name of Jesus I command all demons to be gone in the name of Jesus. Be gone demons in the name of Jesus. Be gone from my house, my property, my job, my car, whatever you think of." .. Just repeat it over and over in every room and closet in your house. Then say scripture at them. They hate scripture.

"Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is King, Lord, and Savior."

You will feel your hair stand up and goosebumps as you pray this. That's the power of the Holy Spirit funnelling through YOU.

After you prayed in every room. Then say, "I plead the blood of Jesus over my entire house, from the roof to the foundation, all rooms, walls, doors, and windows, including every crack and crevice, in the mighty name of Jesus." Then say, "Lord, surround me and my entire house and entire property with your protecting warrior angels," In Jesus name I pray Amen.

You will either feel exhausted or hyped up after you finish this prayer. The demons will try to come back but just keep praying them out and they will finally leave. Oh, and also pray, "In the name of Jesus, I loose you from your assignment against me and my house, my property, car, job, etc.... everything (children too)."

Let me know how it goes! xx

Yes I have to say I totally one hundred percent agree with Christyna with her response. These are demons...and the only way they will go is in Jesus name. I have had years of experience with living with them..and when I found out the Power in the name of Jesus..I begin to use it as authority over these evil entities. Please if I can say anything...please do not ignore this ....they are out to Kill, Steal and Destroy against all humans. They hate mankind..because Jesus came in flesh on the cross to save everyone of us till the very end when Christ comes back. Please....I say...if your scared and need a local pastor experience and knowledgable in the Word of God to help you cast those dark things out of your home. OHHH believe me....once you do, its pure bliss of Peace..and you just know the change is evident!

did yours look like alien greys and reptilians?

Thanks ChozenOne! xx

thank you for trying to help i would do that if these were demons but they do not look like demons they look like aliens

Give it a try anyway and see if it's demons mimicking aliens.

this does nothing and just makes them angry

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we have one in our house too !! my sons created it without knowing and my wifes a medium !!! she picked it straight away. Cleansing the house all the bloody time. white sage is best

contact me or send a msg and I will tell you what to do if you havent already !!

So where are the alien pics?

Call a paranormal team in your area. They will come out free of charge and find out exactly what you have and they will get rid of them. I'm going through the same thing and am calling a team to come to my house.

Oh plus my 5x great great cousin andrew Jackson visited the bell witch pretty soon I'll be visiting her too

Happy birthday btw I don't know how to get rid of them but try saying a prayer to get that demon out of your house, demons are trouble no good can come of them but that sounds cool but freaky i think its cool because I am into ghost

yeah, blessing the house worked for awhile- kinda creeped out that they might be demons. Some people say the greys are demons.

They might be or it could be aliens

That must have been some party :)

this is quite interesting would you please upload some of those pictures

lets see these pictures

The thing if Frazzill is that you shouldn't need to get healed by any aliens. You have that power yourself. You should try to meditate. It really might help your past traumatic experiences, it will help you out with your hoarding problems as well..Hope ya get better :)

thanks Markie322, My hoarding tendecies have been cured a few years ago. It's just my body that is wracked with pain most of the day won't cooperate now that I am ready to throw the stuff out and I have no one to help me. I'm working on it slowly I donate 2 boxes of stuff a week or more if I'm up to it.

i opened like 3 and they roam around its pretty cool after a while

oh nooooo, I don't want them roaming around my house- it bothers me enough that they are in that room.

Sometimes these entities are brought into the house by an ob<x>ject or person. Once I took a picture of a group of friends and took a picture of a very clear demon that was trying to attach itself to my friend. I would check to see who the creature is most attached to by taking photos and everyone in the family in every room. I would also burn sage and align yourself to positive energies ( God, Ra, Holy Mother, etc..) If you discover the ob<x>ject, carefully remove it from your house perhaps where some gloves dipped in water that's been blessed containing sea salt. Whatever you do, to not give the entities your energy and be in control of the situation.

when it comes to ghosts no one wants to believe just like no one wants to believe that there is murder in the world we are shut out from it at a young age do to fear of the unknown regardless of the media and etc.

Doesn't it make you mad that we aren't taught that this stuff is real in school?