Am I Crazy?

I know this sounds strange but here it goes.
I exsist in two worlds. This human world and the Spirit world. In this world there are many people who exsist humans demons witches you name it. My Family is a huge empire. They are Gods and Goddesses, King, Queens, there is good and evil. I ask myself at times if I am crazy. then I meet others who know of this other world. Its odd Im used to it being MY WORLD but then years later I find out there are others who know of it some good others evil. I love my worlds.
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How do you go to this world?

my friend is the same way...for as long as she can remember shes lived into worlds...hers is similar to your though i cant say for a fact if it is the same...shes only been around one family and they use her as a beacon of sorts to interact with our world...i dont think you are crazy just like i dont think she is because my boyfriend is from that world and there are times where i can sense him or feel if we lay in bed together i can feel his body dont think you are crazy

thanx hun I am also a used to communicate with this world. I am told there is only one more like me

i believe there are people all over the world that are used as beacons of sorts...itjust means you are special

Awww thanx hun

your welcome

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lol I never took it as that I am just a little lost as to what your comments have to do with my story