I think that everyone deep down believes there is something special to dreams, not just a way for our brains to sort out the day.

We are comprised of several bodies, our physical body, our ethereal body, emotional body, and spirit. Spirit is always present in all things at the exact same constant, it is what links all things to and by the Supreme Being.

Our astral bodies are comprised of our ethereal body and emotional body, this is also what is called the soul. Every time you dream you are in your astral body somewhere in time and space. Because you are not physical, the laws of physics have no meaning to you. You are entirely Will made personified. Anything is possible for you.

Most people are content with dreaming in the Mind of God, where everything is, and you can play with all things imaginable like clay. It is because those things don't exist yet, they are still in the place of all possibilities. Only when it is manifested into the Automatic Creation does something exist. Until then it remains apart of the Whole, making them whole.

We live in a existence that records all possibilities, every action you could of made exists out there in a parallel reality. The amount of realities out there is a number beyond comprehension. So that means there has to be a reality where dreams are real, and that is where we go when we sleep.
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When I was a child I used to have nightmares all the time wake up realy sik, then I forced myself to stop remembering dreams, so now as adult I rarely remember dreams I am told I cry in my sleep and grind my teeth