Is It Just My Imagination?

This past April, I began seeing things while I meditate. My whole life, I've always been into yoga and quieting the mind through breathing and meditation exercises, but I'm actually starting to see things. My mind creates all these people I've never met (some don't look human) and all these really cool places I've never been. Sometimes I see myself (or what I think is me) in these places. I had one where I was a gifted artist in some celestial place and I create these large beautiful glass orbs that are used to decorate the inside of this spherical building. I see towns made of crystals and all the houses are transparent. I see planets that've destroyed themselves. I've seen myself as a healer, a gardner (or performing some other occupation) in some strange-looking places. In one (this is crazy), I was a star. I've been a large bird-like creature. I've been inside somekind of space station that seemed to be monitoring Earth. I've also had visions of me talking with my deceased father in law and aunts and an ex-boyfriend (who commited suicide). The conversations I've had with them have brought me to tears (and I'm not a very emotion person). It's all crazy. I don't go around asking people if they have vivid imaginations like this too, so this may be the norm.
Anyway, I can sit here for hours telling you all of things I've seen, but I won't bore you. I will tell u that through most of these visions, there always seems to be someone with me. he is grey, boxy in shape, large head but his face is mostly featureless. There are several others that look like him, although smaller, that are present sometimes too. They are not very animated, but I feel they are there for me - like they are "on my side" or protecting me.I also have this very kind flowing whispy lady with me a lot that always refers to me as "sweety".
I've told my husband about all this only because he believes in this Ascension stuff so I knew he'd be open to it. Of course, he says he believes that I have psychic abilities and can see my "spirit guides" and other dimensions or past lives, etc. I highly tend to believe it's just my imagination formulating these places/people. After all, I'm a fiction writer and it's easy for me to see scenes in my head and describe them on paper. Human beings have great imaginations. I have no evidence that proves otherwise. any thoughts?
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Since the matter "energy" we inhabit is as ancient as the universe, can the matter "energy" have residual memory?

I have had flashes of scenes that seemed almost like memories. Large temples in deserts, people who seemed to godlike to be human, but very similar. I wonder if these flashes are taps into other consciousnesses?

I believe that because U have such a vivid imagination, because your mind is somewhat uninhibited, you have somehow tapped into your multi-dimensionality. I do not believe that U imagined or created these places. I too have seen these crystal cities and also cities of light. U really are these other people and creatures in other dimensions. When we incarnate into physicality, our souls split into 11 different dimensions with a different expression of 'you' in each one. Most people do not remember these other selves. But due to the planetary shift that is happening, the veil between dimensions is thinning and more and more people are becoming aware of being multi-dimensional. These memories differ from regular cognitive memories in that they are full bodied, sensual memories accompanied by an atmospheric feeling tone of these other places, no? I have these memories as well. Thank U for sharing your story.

do you have any more stories like this ?

it was really interesting...

Everything you experience, no matter if it is a product of mind or physicality, is real.

If you start believing what you have experienced is a product of imagination just because it -seemed- to be too 'alien' to be true, then what is true? The belief in the experience or the actual experience? Do you have to believe you are alive to experience being it? Who are YOU when you're not thinking about any personal experience you've ever had? Do you have to believe you have been -someone- (a person) to get to experience that you ARE?

Do you really need to ask for anyone's opinion if you know you indeed HAVE experienced what you've described here, be it a product of mind or physicality (or both)?

Doubt is easily spread when belief runs free. Clarity is gained when every belief is seen through as just beliefs. Know your beliefs, rather than believing you know anything, and you will quickly realize what is true and what is not :)

I would love to hear about your experiences and visitations.
I wish I had your abilities.
Have you ever read Thiaoouba ? I think you would like it.

I think you have a best selling book! Don't ask other people's opinions, just publish!
What do you think of my submission, "My Three Mothers....?"