Noticed Other Dimentions In Pictures And The Pictures On The Computer Why ?

This year in early may I had an very traumatizing experience spiritualy One evening I was looking at pictures of my family and I noticed what I call nomes elves small people they look just like us but they are small also native animals I thought I was loosing it I also felt like I was going through a purification of some kind that was not very pleasing I felt something rising in me internaly very scary I still would like to know why this happened my hole life will never be the same some people call it evolving I am not sure I still see people weird things in pictures sometimes faces all kinds of women men and children I am trying to figure out if there is somekind of message I am confused by all this I am looking for answers at this time I also know thing about this world I don't want to know because it ****** me off things have to change at this point !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also looking to ask a native elder about this and the meaning.
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1 Response Oct 9, 2012

This stuff is happening to so many people out of nowhere. I'm seeing fairies and such and I never believed this stuff was possible. I think I understand the purification. Like the frequencies of my entire body have risen and become higher pitched and I feel more magnetic it's strange