Paranormal Or Science, Or Is There Something Wrong?

It started off as seeing flashes of my past, of my past that happened I can verify. This would happen for a few seconds. Then it got to the point where these flashes would last up to 30 minutes or so, it was like a trance, I couldn't stop them. And during these flashes of my past, that did happen, I would see things that didn't happen. When this happened, I asked all the people that were in the not existent occurrence, to see if it happened. It did not.
Then it all stopped for I would say 2 months.
Now when I do a everyday thing, I'll get a flash of me doing something else. For example, I was sitting on a chair, i got a flash that I was walking down a street. You have to understand that I am not seeing myself doing these things. It is like I am living it. Like replaying memories.
This has started recently, & is still going on. It seems to happen more frequently as days go on.

I think there is something wrong with me physiologically, I just thought it be interesting to see what you guys think.

So what do you think? Paranormal, as in past experiences in other lives, or spirits showing me something? Anything to do with the spirit world. Science, as in different dimensions. Or am I just one crazy person. ! Reply!
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I believe you are looking at you in other dimensions. I get a sense of that sometimes. You are ok.

Sometimes i see things like there here but there not here it feels like im looking thru some one else eyes ,but those eyes are still mine' i have seen myself and felt like its a totally diffrent me

This has been happening to a friend of mine too. He says it feels like its in his eyes and his mind feels the sensations of him doing something else or being somewhere else but his body doesn't feel it. But he sees it like he's completely somewhere else. He says he's started to be able to control it a tiny bit after a while but can't control where he is. You're not alone

I also have snippets of being in another place while awake in the 3rd dimension. They are places totally unlike this "reality." I believe I spend extended time there when I am asleep & then It is like remembering a dream except I find myself "there". There is a feeling of familiarity & then I get nauseous. Possibly because I am afraid I will get stuck there & pull myself back. I haven't read of anyone else having adverse reactions to the experience. Thank u for sharing

What U are having, are flash memories of a parallel existence. When we incarnate into the physical, our souls actually split onto 11 different dimensions. There is a different ex<x>pression of 'you' in every one. Due to the planetary shift that is happening as we speak...the veil between lives is thinner than it has ever been, and some of us are becoming more aware of being multi-dimensional. These memories are different from the usual cognitive memory, they are sensual, full bodily memories of a feeling tone only felt in that other life. There is nothing physiologically wrong with U...U are simply more awake than most. U are not alone, I have these flash memories as well. I hope this helps U to have a better overstanding of your experience. Thank U for sharing your story.

Hmmm that is weird.