Experienced Some Sort Of "Forced" Astral Projection

Hello, fellow experiencers.

During my early teenage years, while attending junior high school, I had a really bad case of sleep deprivation. At most, I'd sleep about 2-3 hours each night, but I don't remember how or when it started, neither how or when it stopped.

During a period of about a year (during the sleep deprivation), I started experiencing something rather weird happening every single morning, for weeks and even months at a time, before it would stop (for maybe a couple of weeks) and then come back some weeks later.

As I was a student, I had to get up in the morning. Just having 2-3 hours of sleep each night over long periods of time certainly has an effect, and I struggled with a drowsiness out of this world each morning when I had to get up from bed. I normally take a shower to wake up, and in most cases this kills of most of the sleepiness, but during this period the exact opposite happened.

Each morning after waking up and dragging my feet across the hall to the bathroom, I'd take a shower. I was awake enough to walk the distance between my bedroom and the bathroom, but when I finally got into the shower, my body would completely shut down. Out of the blue, I'd feel the heaviest sleepiness hit me, and by the time I felt this feeling, I knew that the only way to make it disappear was to just surrender completely to it. In the beginning, I'd move my body as much as I could, and (to try to keep myself from falling asleep) I would forcefully try to keep my eyes open with my hands. Nothing ever worked, and I fell 'asleep' the same way each morning. I'd wake up some time later, standing upright in the shower, water still running (sometimes the water had even turned cold), and I had a terrible feeling.

After experiencing this a little too much for my own liking, I started remembering glimpses of what I experienced during the time I was "sleeping". This is so far from anything I have ever experienced that I find it hard to describe this anywhere near "accurately".

The Pixelated Universe

I don't remember ever "waking up", but it seems like I'd always been there. When I looked around, all I could see was red and black squares, stacked on top of each other like chess boards, covering everything. This whole place consisted of nothing else than "pixels".. The ground, the buildings, the sky - everything I remember seeing was created out of these red and black squares, but somehow it didn't seem at all physical - it seemed like it was just an appearance. I didn't know anything about my existence in this 3D-physical world - all I knew was that I was there and that I existed in that place only. I was standing outside a set of giant fences, and having seen the concentration camps from WW2 in real life, it had the exact same feeling. On the other side of the fences were a handful of beings that I had to help to safety. Somehow I had to break into this concentration camp and bring all of these beings out to safety on the other side of the fences, because I knew that if I didn't help them, they would be murdered.

This place had the most terrible energy/feeling I have ever experienced. I'd wake up, feeling like something was trying to drain my life energy away, seeing flashes of black and red, but never really questioning my experience. Since I had a hard time remembering what happened, I tried not to focus on it too much, and the more time passed, the more I started forgetting about the experience.

I don't know what happened, but I know that it did. This was many years before I even got interested in dimensionality and paranormal phenomena, and I've experienced many 'paranormal' things throughout my life, but this is the one thing that have left me with the most questions. It almost seems like I was forcefully astral projected to somewhere.

My main reason for sharing this is trying to find people who've experienced something similar. So if something like this have happened to you, please share :)
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that was interesting........do you have any other stories to share ?

I once traveled to another dimension on mushrooms. Like you said, I felt as though I only existed there. But that dimension was not pixelated it was beautiful with geometric shapes with middle eastern looking designs on them and they were moving as though inanimate objects were suppose to be that way and I was in awe. Then this man says to me "See, this is why we cant show everybody this". I think he was referring to my near nonexistent comprehension of that world. Then he and this woman took my hands and we flew into the air and went around the world. Its hard to describe but movement there, felt like I was shifting between planes and looked like I was moving frame by frame. It beautiful and happy though. The place you described frightens me for some reason

I've seen the pixelated world while awake and sober. I really hope you were not seeing the future but my friends keep seeing weird concentration camp stuff too in their accidental astral like projections and dreams, and they always see me and my other friends trying to help ppl escape and training ppl to get away or something. It's so weird. We were like training ppl to pole vault over these fences. Idk it's ****** up

Nice story.