We Are The Creators

We are the creators of our own experience.  This life I see is the ultimate 'experience project'.  We make our lives what they are through intent, expectation, our actions and reactions.  Through our beliefs, hopes, dreams, imagination.  Life is the canvas and creativity is the hand that applies the pigment.  We are the endless creators and experiencers.

Life takes on a mysterious, magical quality when we tap into this greater view of life and learn to flow with the rivers of time and love.  Our dreams of an epic journey become reality when we dare to part the surface and sink deeply into the light of the soul.  This includes the shadows that are cast and are a part of the spirit's path.  Going deeper and deeper still, we come to the realization of a oneness, and eventually to the endless openness of a certain emptiness.  But do not fear, in emptiness there is the infinite, and endless creative potential.

And what allows this whole thing to happen?  I think it must be Love.

Of course, I am a dreamer and lover of adventure, if only in my own imagination.  Life is what we make it to be, and I intend on making it a ride worth living.

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10 Responses Dec 29, 2009

Sounds like you'd fit right in then, wordsmith! ;)

What great post, and very timely for me. Just please, for your own sakes, don't make me sing! ; )

Thank goodness for no sound! Whew. I am almost positive that my voice sounds much better in your imagination ;) *shimmie and shakes* lol

LOL! Good thing ep isn't wired for sound! And of course a little shimmie and a shake is in order! Let's be creative, afterall ;)

Hehe...here we go. How come when you and i get together singing is almost a given? lol

"It must be love"... seeing this phrase, it makes me want to break out in song, lol. Thank you, tg ;)

It must be love, indeed ;) Beautiful post as usual, Dee :)

Yes.. the empty glass is most useful, the full glass leaves no room for anything more ;) Of course, I don't mean the empty glass is best in the pessimistic sense!<br />
<br />
In Oneness, there are no 'others' ;)<br />
<br />
It must be my mermaid avy, Tum (gem) :) I guess I've been feeling especially piscean, of late!

I really like this post :) It has kind of a neptunian vibe to it.

" in emptiness there is the infinite, and endless creative potential"<br />
I am beginning to see this. The empty can always be filled...glass half empty or half full - yes?<br />
Are you talking about oneness with others ? Kind of like we are all one spirit? Or is what you speak of the oneness, or union, we can have with our inner most true selves? Being as one in that sense?