My Near Death Experience

In 1996 my lungs collapsed, during the operation to try to save me I died for 15 minutes. I did not see a tunnel or white light but instead found myself sat round a big oval table in what appeared to be a woodland glade. There were many people round the table, non of whome I knew, though there was a familiarity about them. Behind the table was a big screen which started to show my entire life from birth up to the present day. A discussion then ensued about my life and the experiences that I'd had. I was then told I had to go back to complete my experiences as they had not been fulfilled. I was also told I needed to change my views on life. I awoke in the recovery room and have not been the same since. I no longer have any fears about death and now see myself as a soul/spirit having a human experience.

anuci anuci
Feb 10, 2009