A Pale White Skinned Female Figure's Secret.

Our story begins with a tall pale white skinned female figure, this figure how-ever has no facial features aside from a large indent of a nose above where a mouth should be, also meaning, with no mouth this figure cannot talk. As for some clothing detail, hm... lets just say a green tank top along with baggy and rather worn out sweat pants.

Now to make this clear, this is based off of a small role-play I had with a friend of mine, not the real life role play thing, the one that you'd do in chatrooms and such? Now I'm not going to name this particular chatroom or friend of mine, so I shall resort to using a different name.

NOW! On with the fictional story!

Allison, a regular woman, was going about her day, walking through one of the walking paths in the local park. Normally, she'd just be sitting around and listening to her I-pod, without a care in the world. All of a sudden things started to get a little strange, as Allison felt someone was watching her.

She turned around to see a pale white skinned female figure who seemed to be holding a pair of pants, the pants that Allison had put on before leaving the house. Instantly, Allison looked down to see that her striped underpants were exposed.

So there Allison was, in the park, stuck now in only her shirt, shoes, socks, and her underwear, with quite a few people taking notice. Allison snapped back to her senses, she quickly covered the front and back of her underwear as she slowly approached the female figure, who then ran into the more forested area of the park. Allison had pursued after it to try and get her pants back.

Allison soon came upon her pants that were settled on the ground. As she went to pick them up and put them on, she noticed a small note was placed in in the right-side pants pocket. After Allison put on her pants, she read out the note:
"Hello, if you are reading this then you are the person I decided to de-pants. I realize the unfair-ness of the situation by me just getting away, and since I'm a fair soul, I offer you the chance to get back at me. Right now I'm standing around on the same path as you were, except closer to a rather populated plaza so here is how this will work, you'll come up behind me, rip off my worn-out sweat pants, and I chase you to the plaza, to then 'accidentally' expose my undergarments to the mass crowd there, oh you'll also need to shout something that will draw the crowds attention towards me. try to consider this my apology and with it we become even."


Allison went over this in her head, why would this.... thing want to let me get back at it? Is it really that fair hearted or is it trying to trick me? Ugh what ever, as long as I can get back at that... thing!

Allison then made to the edge of the forested area to see the female figure, standing there aimlessly, as the note pointed out. This was Allison's chance to get back at her... uh... well you get the idea. She ran up behind the female figure and ripped the worn-out sweat pants and started running in the direction of the plaza, and knowing the area pretty well it was no trouble.

Allison looked behind her to see the female figure giving chase. She couldn't help but smirk at the situation. She turned back around to see she was approaching the plaza, and as Allison finally reached the plaza and turned around to see that the figure had stopped dead in its tracks, and instantly Allison knew what had to happen now.

"I see London I see France, I see someone in her underpants!" Allison said, pointing at the female figure, whose pink tighty whities were exposed as most of the crowd began to take notice. There were a series of laughs, giggles, and whispered chit-chat. Mean-while, the female figure was covering her tighty whites from view as it backed away and out of the plaza as some people started to take out their phones to try and take a picture, but before any of them could, the female figure was gone.

'That was pretty satisfying.' Allison had thought to her-self as she then proceeded back into the forest, somehow knowing that was where the figure had gone. She came upon the female figure, who now had a pair of shorts on. As Allison approached it, the figure had jumped into the trees and started jumping from tree to tree.

After watching the female figure disappear from sight, Allison looked back to where the figure was standing to see a small note crumpled up on the ground. Allison picked up the note as it read:

"That was a good one you know, so now this makes us even with each other, and now I have a better pair of, as some of you say 'dignity.' Hopefully the next time we meet, it will be under better and less embarrassing conditions."


As Allison finished reading the note, she put it in her pocket and then started walking back to the walking pathways with a smirk on her face.

ThatGirlWithoutPants ThatGirlWithoutPants
Jan 6, 2013