I've Seen It All And Sometimes Wonder.....where Is The Love

Growing up I learned at a young age that the world is far from perfect.  
That there is so much hate, and pain it can weaken the mind and heart. 
And cause people to say and do things that only brings about more pain.
At the same time I also learned that hope, faith and belief in mankind can be found in the smallest of things and create positive change.
A smile, a helping hand, encouraging words, and expressions from the heart filled with love.  
Raising my daughters, I felt they needed to be aware of these issues but also be filled with the belief that all is not lost, that yes they can make a difference in this crazy world of ours.  We listened to this song often.  


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2 Responses Oct 16, 2011

It is definitely a different world today. We always try to teach our children that good exists. We show them how to be givers in life, and that is the very best that we can do.

Agreed :D

The world out there today really saddens the heart of many.Pray that God reach out to those lost souls and love them.