1 Year On and Still Only 1 Night a Week!

I love my boyfriend to pieces and I know he loves me but we only see each other on saturday nights and I feel its not enough.

Im 22 hes 30 and we've been together over a year now. He's such a sweet guy and he would do anything for me but I sometimes feel like he doesn't want a future with me because we're only together 1 night a week and it breaks my heart watching him go knowing I won't see im for another week.

To be fair he works 12 hour shifts during the week and he lives 20 miles away and I'm sure he would see me more if he could but I always wonder how long this 1 night a week is gona last for.

I've been trying to tell him how I feel for a while but every time I try I just bottle it up and talk myself out of it. What should I do??? I love him so much and I don't wana lose him but I can't carry on like this thinking this could be it.

Please help any advice would be great thanks :)

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My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We only see each other every Thursday but I miss him so much when he leaves and I kinda feel my pain with anger for him. He doesn't have a job right now so he can't really visit a lot because the train fares raised and he doesn't get income or has enough money. I could visit him but now I'm going for my driving lessons and he live with his grandparents and they won't allow me to sleep over. My dad will allow him to sleep over but hes under house arrest. I live in Salem, MA and he lives in Arlington.

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Wow! Its nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. My boyfriend lives about 60 miles away, we've been together about 6 months now. Sometimes I get to see him for a few days in a fow, but then we'll go 10-15 without seeing each other. He is an internet marketer and could do work from anywhere, so it kills me that he can't seem to make more time for me. I have a business which means that I'm much more time constrained. I'm crazy about this guy, and I'm gonna give it a few more months, but if nothing changes, I might have to move on. I have needs that aren't being fulfilled, and I deserve to be adored. you're story sounds very much like mine....

You are not alone here... Im in a relationship of the same sort... It sux and i dont know how much longer i can put up with it. Im moving closer but im really not sure its going to make any difference. I know i sound negative but i just feel like he doesnt want me enough. He rings me all the time but i feel like its a token call, just another thing to tick off his list. He doesnt share his emotions with me and i find this very hard. He also says he is busy with his job and other activities which he is very dedicated to. I understand he is busy but im sick of being held at arms length all the time. We are still in crap dating stage..well it feels like it anyway? He is quite happy with once a week. We have been together for 8 months. It seems like im always having issues because we dont deal with stuff. If we saw each other more we could talk things through instead of just hanging up the phone with me dwelling on stuff. Thanks for listening ;)

My bf and I have been together for about a year and a half now. First it was only Saturdays and we both comitted to make It fri-sun but because we BOTH wanted to and couldn't get enouh of each other. You need to stop dragging it along and confront him. It's the only way you'll see if you're relationship has a future or not.

I would of never went that long with only one night a week. My boyfriend lives 100 miles away. We try to see eachother every weekend. Fri-Sun and we talk everyday. i would move there but am in school so we are trying to make this work. So far its going great. but its only been 3 months. the first month it was only one night a week then i told him i want more he said ok and now its friday thru sunday if i want. my only problem is that he hasn't been to my town yet. next month will be his first time and i told him since it will be over 3 months my family is getting curious and he might have to meet them ...he said that was totally cool with him. Also my boyfriend works 19 days straight .... DON'T LET HIM USE WORK AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO SEE U. 20 miles is nothing if he cares about you he won't mind u be there when he is at work so he can see u when he is home.

Some men hide behind their job to cover other things. You live a distance apart. Do you honestly believe a "sweet" guy is all by his lonesome when he is away from you? There's ALWAYS another woman or more involved no matter what a man might tell you. It's how they get away with having women in different places. If he was really into you then you'd be with him and working 12 hours days he could certainly afford to have you there and you could then get a job of your own. He doesn't want you there and it's obvious why. Just don't fool yourself like he's fooling you.

I was in a similar situation and I put up with it for 6 years. It is true that once a week is not enough for a couple to get to know each other and develop a strong bond. Bottling up your feelings isn't healthy either. You need to tell him how you feel about the situation. both of you need to acknowledge the situation and do something about it.<br />
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As for me, I decided to end the relationship because I realized after 6 years that we were still stuck in "dating mode:" I really didn't know him at all. <br />
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I figured if I'm going to be in a relationship, I shld be with someone who lives closer and is making an effort to want to see me more than once a week, regardless of what he does for a living.

Then make action to get closer! i am in the same situation... But you have it worse. you have more distance.