Kid Sister

ok, so real fast..
I have seen her naked, and in less than full clothing before. Just like I guess she has seen me. By accident. Until last week I never paid it much attention. She was too little to be that interesting. Mostly just annoying.
But this time was different. I was to walking past her room. Her door was partly open. She sometimes doesn't close it all the way. This time it was about half open. She was in her room, dancing to her I-pod.
But this time she was butt, naked.
Like I said, she is younger than me and still just a kid. So it wasn't like she's a hot teen or something. But... well. I couldn't help noticing what a cute bottom she had. Kind of heart shaped and soft looking. Wiggling around to her music.
She didn't see me. Even when she spun around. I got a real good look at her little *****. She doesn't have any hair that I could see, to cover it. Just bare and pink.
I was very tempted to go in and show her how hard she had made me. But I guess it's lucky that mom called us for breakfast. She probably would have screamed if she saw me watching her.
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That's a very sweet and sexy scene.

How old is your sis

You never know, she may have liked your 'attention' ;)