My Ideal Woman

She doesn't have to be very beautiful, but it would be a boon.  And I'd like her to be clever, something of a challenge.  She would have to be the kind of woman who would occupy all my free time and not be too easy to conquer.  Little by little I would bend her to my will, teach her to obey, to defer.  My woman would find that her opinion mattered to me, but not more than my own.   She would be ready for me, her mouth, her *****, her ***, whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I would persuade her that saying yes to me was always best'

For me corporal punishment would always be a last resort - I abhor violence but can see that force is sometimes necessary; sometimes something a little more forceful than an hand-spanking.  And she would defer to me, seek my permission for the smallest things, my woman

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Feb 24, 2010