I Dont Know Who To Turn To...

My life has been in shambles for the past year and a half. My mom and stepdad divorced, causing us to move out of my childhood home and my younger brother moving in with his dad and by sister staying with my mom and I. On top of all the nasty drama that happens with the divorce, I lost my fiance of 2 years because of a stupid, avoidable incident with drinking. About a month ago I lost my job with a major cellular provider as they are letting a huge portion of their employees do for bullshit reasons and fighting unemployment claims. This past weekend I ran over a curb on accident and completely ruined the frame on my car. I still owe like two thousand dollars and have no way or potential way of paying for my payments in my near future. I can't really ask my mother for help as I am 21 years old and still living with her so I feel like she is doing more than enough. My car us going to end up getting repossesed and Im not going to be able to get another car for awhile, so I have no idea how I am going to get myself to work even when I do find a job.. i have been contemplating suicide so much lately but deep down I know I can't do it to my family, especially my Mother considering she has already lost my older brother to Muscular Dystrophy when I was 15.
cameronr42492 cameronr42492
May 12, 2012