I Would Do Anything To Trade Places With Any Of You

There has been much happiness in my life. I am very lucky to have gotten all that I have had. Life had been wonderful for a long time for me.

At 22 I fell in love with an older very pretty lady. She conned me into thinking she cared about me. She and I had, what I thought was, a wonderful 14 year relationship. What I didn’t know was she had a plan to get rich and leave me holding the bag. She was a well seasoned con artist. Some of the most intelligent men I have ever known fell for her games.

She started a business with me as CFO. I worked usually about 16hrs a day for her. She bought me nice things, and gave me wonderful experiences. It was a dream come true to me, though the work was crazy hard. She knew her mark.

I was raised in an underprivileged household. I never had had anything of monetary value. Honestly I had never really felt loved until I had met her (I was very loved by many, just didn’t feel it). She made quite a devoted minion of me.

In 2006 she was diagnosed with terminal (4th stage) breast cancer. A couple months later, she died in my arms.

As I was trying to sort out the business, I learned she had a boyfriend. He was her age and super smart, tall, fit, wealthy and good looking. He was a prestigious man with an English accent. I am a short morbidly obese troll.

One of her friends broke into our business files and riled up all our business contacts. I quickly learned these people were not good people. I started running for my life. (don’t ever think anyone who works for US government cares anything about you or what happens to you, the dollar is all that matters to them, so they were not willing to help me in any way). I bought a bunch of high powered guns and an illegal bullet proof vest.

A year later, walking to where I was staying, a man called my name with a polish accent. I turned to see what he wanted. I had no idea who he was. He shot two bullets into my vest with a big pistol. I thought I was dead. It felt like the vest failed. It knocked the wind out of me and broke my sternum. It took a week to get to the point where I could get around very well.

With everything that was going on, I did not pay my personal tax for Oct-Dec 2006. I had money in the bank to pay it at one time, so I was charged with wire fraud along with federal tax evasion.

I did 2 years in a federal prison, plus have to pay about $700,000 in fines. Well, if I had the money to pay it right this second. The federal government added a fee of 30% per year. In a couple months I will owe about $900,000. What is funny is that anything I pay over $200,000 goes towards the $700,000. In 10 years, I will owe a little more than $9,650,000.

Since I have been out of prison, I have searched for work. I was an electrician for many years before the CFO position. I have applied to more than 200 electrical companies. I have also applied for jobs at another 350-400 companies (including Wal-Mart’s, Home Depots, Taco Bells, Mc Donald’s, Burger Kings, Jack in the Boxes, auto supplies to name a couple). I will not get a job until I am over 60. Here is another thing that will prevent me from finding work. I am in a vicious cycle. I need to have a job to stay out of prison. I need to pay more than $200,000 starting his year. Because of all this, I will be in and out of prison for the rest of my life. It is not possible for me to comply with these idiotic rules. There is more truth to be learned.

There is a private company “The Federal Bureau of Prisons,” that has contracts with the federal government to keep the prisons minimum of 90% full. The federal government has mastered keeping prisons full. If the prisons are not full enough, longer sentences are imposed. If that is not enough, more new laws come into effect. The US has the highest prison population in world history. Where do they get all the money? Tax payers. Why not work with people who owe large amount in taxes? Need to keep the prisons full of easy to manage inmates. How do they get away with that? They threaten to let the child molesters, rapists and murders out if they don’t get the money they ask for.

I made some mistakes. I am in a harsh system. For the rest of my life I will be in and out of prison without a chance to stop the cycle.

I will not give up trying, but will pray every day that God takes me soon and in a way that will help do what I never will be able to, provide for my family.

See??? My life is truly over. Death is so welcomed. I have been forgiven by my God. To go home is what I want most.

For those of you who don’t believe in God, my death would be hurtful to my wife and family, but they would be able to move on. My wife would have a chance to marry human being. She deserves to find a good man. In my faith tradition, you do not go to heaven if you kill yourself. We also do not believe in divorce, so for now she gets the very best of a self-made sub-human.

With any luck I will die in prison my next round.

All of you that I have read on here just sound like you have a chemical imbalance. See a shrink, get some meds. No matter what keep fighting. I know my life is over, but will always keep fighting. My wife deserves to see me do all I can.

You never know we may get lucky and our government way get over thrown. Don’t think that will happen within my life. Maybe there will be another civil war. Our founding fathers wrote about this sort of government happening. Read for yourselves about everything I have said.
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