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I'm Empathetic Or Just Pathetic?

 I got a MA in Psychology, worked as a therapist and couldn't handle the pain others were going through. It hurt me, I worried about them so I gave up that career and tried a few others.  Still looking for one that I like that's not minimum wage!

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 6 Responses Oct 10, 2008

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We can all be helpful to others. It means shutting up about ourselves and listening with an open mind to their pain and suffering. It means telling them that there is hope when you can't see it happening yet. We have to believe there is hope in order to go on, some days.

Yes, I know it should be a tough work...I am now taking the course of counseling, and I have just learned about the qualities to be an effective counselor. Then I found out I don't have some qualities...mmm I am just wondering if I can be a counselor !

For the last 32 years I've been helping or trying to help, people figure out what to do for a living after injury or whatever. It isn't easy because I have a short fuse with people who lack motivation or don't take charge of their lives. But, that's not fair and I know it. Still, it makes it hard for me to accept them failing when they could succeed.

I've always thought of that... helping other people for a job. But I know I would "care too much" and not be able to let go and keep the job where it is. The sheer volume of energy I'd devote to it would never give me peace in the other areas of my life.

Thank you both. It's great having friends that "get" you. I'm thinking about going back to making painted fired glass for sale through galleries again. I don't need a whole lot of money. Any sales would finance trips and vacation. In one year, is my dream.

You're not pathetic. I think it's good you felt so much for the people you were helping. Just because you left that career doesn't mean you didn't care. For example, I know people who were social workers, and got so emotionally involved in all their cases that they had to leave because they cared too much and it just tired them out. I think it's good that you left because you felt hurt and you shouldn't stay in a job where you feel hurt, and also because you were hurting it wouldn't really help the people you were treating. Good luck on the job hunt! =D