I miss how close we used to be and I miss it everyday. Just a single thought makes me breakdown and cry because I miss you ... I miss us and the friendship we had. It hurts me so much that you've found done ugh better than me and somebody you'd rather have in your life than me because for a second I thought you were different and that you weren't like the ones who left because they found someone better but I was wrong:/ it hurts me because you said you'd always be here and that you're no going anywhere yet you feel so far away😔 it's like every time I get close to someone something happens to our friendship or they find somebody else more important and I'm just forgotten about ha guess I should be used to it. Sucks havering to come home everyday crying and asking God why this is happening to you because you just think and wonder what you did to deserve this pain and torture. I wish I could get you back and feel like you're really there but maybe you don't want me in your life as much as you used to ha I'm just never good enough for nobody.
Nadiarenee Nadiarenee
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2014