The FDA virtually erased 1 million signatures and comments on the ‘Just Label It’ campaign calling for the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Apparently, the FDA counts the amount of signatures not by how many people signed, but how many different individual letters are brought to it, say the Intelhub. Even if tens of thousands of signatures presented on a single petition are counted as – you guessed it – a single comment. This is how, despite over a million supporters being gathered by the petition, the FDA concluded a count of only 394.


FDA spokesperson Siobhan DeLancey said the rules are the same with for all citizens’ petitions to the FDA.

"Because that's the case for all dockets (petitions)," she said, "it's impossible for me to compare the claim of 1 million comments to other dockets--especially without knowing how JLI is defining a 'comment'."


Consumer groups demand GMO labeling

"They sent a letter saying that they had not made a decision yet and when they did they would let us know," said Andrew Kimbrell an attorney for the Center for Food Safety, one of the partner groups on the Just Label It campaign. .

"We know that this is a complicated issue and this response is not uncommon," he said. "But legally they are in a very difficult position in not mandating labeling because, among other things, so many of our trading partner require it."



Monsanto’s Bt GMO corn to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is genetically modified

Sweet corn is the first genetically-modified vegetable developed by Monsanto, which owns Seminis, the world’s largest vegetable seed company.

Most of the GM corn products forced on American consumers leave in processed foods in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn oil, corn starch, and various other corn-based additives.


Unfortunately, as unveiled by NaturalNews, Fooddemocracynow and Sumofus, Monsanto's Bt sweet corn will soon arrive on shelves at a Walmart near you. 

 The ‘agriculture’-giant's first ever GM corn product made available to consumers in the produce section and like with all other GMOs unlabeled and untested on humans.

Naturalnews reported that thanks to consumer pressure, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and General Mills have all agreed to not use Monsanto’s GM sweet corn in any of their products.  But Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest organic retailer, does not seem to have a problem with it.


Organic sweet corn seed producers are very concerned with the increased production of GM sweet corn.

 “It’s a crude solution to problems that need to be addressed at the root cause,” says Tom Stearns, president of Vermont-based High Mowing Seeds. “Monsanto and Syngenta scientists should focus in a different direction. They try to outsmart nature, but if we work with nature, we wouldn’t need technological solutions,” from Natural News.



Americans won’t know that biotech companies are messing with the genetics of food crops, such as sweet corn, because the United States, unlike most other developed countries, does not require labeling of GM foods.

And Monsanto’s name won’t appear on it either.

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7 Responses Apr 3, 2012

Agree with you in your desire for GM labelling. It gives people responsible choice.<br />
Think we also need better laws for testing environmental consequences of new technologies. In the case of Gm, it would require creating a large quarantine area, with adjacent crops also quarantined, and checking for hybrid cross pollination result, and weed potential.<br />
Of course, another choice would be to ensure the GM is infertile.<br />
Given the costs and difficulties of environmental repair, It makes sense to learn from past lessons about caution.

The corporations own America lock stock and barrel and want to own the whole world

Monsanto plans to control all food from seed so they can corner the market...... That would be a monopoly and thus illegal before the government stopped caring about the citizens


GM foods are a huge concern. Especially with most consumers more likely to read a price tag than specified information on the packaging. If the info is even there... What a ridiculous mockery of free speech the reduction of the number of petitions to that pitiful number is =(

MUTANT FOOD ... down in the lab

If we simply kept seeds in a modern pyramid for a week before planting them, we can boost the yield and damn near cut the time it takes to get to harvest in half.