Shame On That Business

I saw that happen here yesterday. Two members hurt a "friend" so badly, she left  EP.   I pity them both ...some people think they  can't lose. I say keep those evil eyes pays back & it isn't funny anymore, is it?     
wiseowl wiseowl
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Just don't give in easily. I had intention to leave because of some non genuine pigs here. Some are fun a bit of sarcasm many genuine friends. Just right of the bastards and keep going., Do no put everyone into the same sack please.

No robert, you aren't like that at all. I think you have a tendency to back up so you don't hurt someone..not because you can't let them have it. I lke that quality in a person.we don't have to swat a fly with a Buick! LOL

As you know Miss Owlie I have had my share of up's and down's but I have never felt the need to hurt another due to my own unhappiness. The only thing I would get out of it is more pain. My Best to you Miss Owlie

Hi Merily..update: She came back, shaken but starting over again.I don't support pack mentality and MY Pack ( the good members) surround her with care. She will feel that ..not fear and rejection. Thank you for your good support on the subject.Owlie

Yeah..those two were in her circle..hateful and I took the one person out of my circle of friends. It sickened me. It was a train wreck to witness.

Hurting folks in NEVER funny Wiseowl...sad though that whoever you are talking about was so hurt they left...bullies are just cowards but bullies masquerading as "friends" are pretty low.

My heart goes out to those who are miserable and for some reason can't snap out of it. I remember one time just recently that I cracked a joke to a very dear friend and she took offense to it. I just didn't think. Boy was I eating humble pie. I quickly apologized and she quickly forgave me. It's good that she let it go, but I should've engaged my brain before I spoke. And she's normally a cheerful person.

Hi ladies. You have made good points in your comments. cynmcb,'ll come back like a bad habit and multiply each miserable day they dish . Subshine..the work place can be so miserable when one person is like a hateful snake. I've lived that experience. She's certainly jealous of you.Could be she's allergic to a cheerful person? Pity.Her days could be more smiles & less hate.

I live by the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) because it is right to do so, and I do not hurt others whether I am happy or not. But a lot of folks who are unhappy do hurt others. Remember, folks, that what you put out there you get right back! (The other rule I live by!) Maybe some people will always be unhappy...