Come & Inspire Me !

Inspire me ...!
sometimes I wonder why I stop loving You
You canot inspire me anymore
Stop lying..Stop hoping..Stop dreaming
Before u leave u kill every single moment
You're not the man  that I thought You're !
You're alittle angel but with alittle devil inside you
It's too late to inspire me
when YOU have the chance to fix everything ...U ruin everything several times

OHH my broken soul
Stop w8ing chances anymore ....even u can't create achance to fix it
Am not the girl u used to see
Just go away & live in ur illusions that u want
U'll live believe me but
think Before u hurt the others... Search inside u & knows
wt hurts u first so u canot stop hurting others honey  :( 

so4uu so4uu
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 27, 2010

Brave, candid and bright. Daring, ready to take on the world. Fly away....